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        In the Old Days, England had the Rack.
Nowadays, England has the Press.

- Oscar Wilde, After Receiving a Sentence of 2 Years Hard Labor (1895).

September 19, 2017
»» Quote of the Day . . .
The Z Man sez : Just look at the NBA, which is nothing more than a human flea circus.

September 18, 2017
»» Mal Élevé!
There is the usual and predictable upset, this morning from the Left : President Trump has used his Twitter® account to cast the slings and arrows of ire, back at his political opponents.

You knew that when Hillary Clinton wrote in What Happened[?] that Trump was like a really creepy stalker - - - during last year's presidential debates - - - and you also knew too that Trump would come back at her with wild and pugnacious vengeance.

Now Trump tweets out a gif, showing His Nibs hitting a golf ball off a tee, driving it out of the frame, and landing the furious missile upon Hillary's doddering back, causing her to stumble on an airplane gangway. Hey, lady, you started the name-calling! The Trumpster always comes right back at you when you choose to play dirty!

September 16, 2017 »» Are the Democrats Getting Skittish?
It was bound to happen : getting 800,000 "Dreamers" over the finish line wasn't going to be so easy. The fear is that the Dems will have to give up something in return. What? Funding for the Wall? Lower "legal" immigration levels? Tax breaks for the Koch brothers? After all, even if Miss Lindsay Graham calls his fellow Republicans racists for not voting for the latest stinking Amnesty, as he did ten years ago, it won't work this time because it didn't work then!

The voters may hate Republican guts but the same voters also hate Democrat guts, too! . . . Madame La Guillotine is growing more attractive by the day - - - and no one but no one, having a responsible and peaceful turn of mind, wants political matters to get that far out of hand - - - now do we?

Sept. 16, 2017 »» Is A Short Skirt & A Long Jacket Illegal, Too?

The California state legislature has just passed a bill making it a criminal offense to use the word ILLEGAL in casual conversation or when writing a postcard.

Gov. Brown is expected to sign the legislation. It is estimated that it will cost over 86 million dollars to hunt down old dictionaries and then surgically tear the offending page, which contains the offending word, out.

Sept. 16, 2017 »» Hillary Clinton's Book is 494-Pages Long!

Sept. 16, 2017 »» Part 463 : Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Swamp!

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, has a well-earned reputation as being an Open Borders kind of a guy. He seems to be sexually attracted, but only, mind you, in a political kind of way, to those Democrats who want to see the United States invaded by the Third World - - - and the sooner the better for the electoral betterment of the Jackass Party. But Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, is faced with a yuge and bigly problem. The Trump–Schumer Amnesty bill will have to be introduced into both houses of Congress and will be have to be introduced into both houses of Congress strictly by the Democrats. This is no small problem. Now, an Amnesty bill for about 1 million illegal aliens, the so-called “Dreamers”, will probably hit the U.S. Senate floor as a “clean” bill, that is to say, it will be a pure Amnesty bill, having no amendments. In this shape and form said bill will probably breeze through the Senate because the Senate is now much more “understanding” when it comes to Amnesty for Third-Worlders than it was in 2013, when a much bigger Amnesty package breezed through the Senate, drawing 14 Republican Rino votes.

By the time this legislative monstrosity reaches the House, the anti-Amnesty forces there will have had plenty of time to collect their arguments and their faithful soldiers against the craven Senate bill and will thus be able to put up a fight against it and that fierce anti-Amnesty fight just might prove to be a winnable one, when all is said and done. There will be frisky amendments and many of them in the House. Some of these amendments will be killer amendments. So, when all is said and done and the smoke begins to clear, does Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, abandon the majority of his conservative caucus and "go plump" with the majority of the opposition caucus, to wit, the not-so very crypto-Marxist Democrats. If he goes along with the Democrats and if he goes along with getting almost all of their votes in order to ram through a Senate bill that means a high-octane Amnesty for millions upon millions of new illegal alien Democrat voters, now newly made legal, he will most likely find himself as the US Speaker of the House who once was and is now looking for a lobbyist job! What is an Eddie Munster look-alike to do?

Sept. 15, 2017 »» 2020 : Ann Coulter for President?

September 15, 2017 »» Early Celebrations?
Third-Worlders appear to have begun celebrating the self-inflicted destruction of the Trump Presidency this morning at the Parsons Green tube station, which is located near the Fulham Road in London. US Senator Charles Schumer could not be reached for comment at the present time.

Sept. 13, 2017 »» Is Trump Being Slowly Poisoned?
The coup d'etat of November 22, 1963 still reverberates almost 54 years later. That a President was suddenly and violently removed from government, after ordering the gradual removal of US "advisers" and medical military personnel from Vietnam, by hostile elements within the Pentagon and the CIA; and thereafter, the unperverted details of his killing would be covered up by these same hostile governmental elements (The Warren Report). The coup d'etat of November 22, 1963 continues to cast a doleful pall over the office of the Presidency.

Roger Stone has given voice to the rumor that President Trump is either being slowly poisoned or drugged with powerful sedatives. This rumor, although only of most recent date, has gained an uncertain but sudden strong currency, going about by leaps and bounds and racing to all gossip-eager ears at an almost supersonic, whispering gait. Reports that Trump is slurring his speech and that Trump is often to be observed in a confused and disoriented frame of mind, overseen in confines of the White House, have entered our present-day discourse of unfettered political scuttlebutt.

September 10, 2017 »» Enough Indigestion to Go All Around . . .

Habits, good or bad, are persistent things and they are very hard to break. Since the 1992 presidential election, Republicans have appeared to always run to lose. But reality has often conspired against them. In 1994, disgusted with the Democrats, voters gave both the House and the Senate to the Republicans. Disgusted with the Democrats, in 2010, voters gave the US House of Representatives to Republicans. Disgusted with the Democrats, in 2014, voters gave the US Senate to the GOP, with the House, yet again to the Republicans, after 8 years of Jackass control. In 2016, disgusted with the Republicans, Republican primary voters voted for Donald J. Trump, a shifty NYC Real Estate mogul and ex-Democrat, in landslide numbers against 17 other Republicans who said they were disgusted, at first, with the Democrats but then, when they started losing to Trump, said they were completely disgusted with Trump. This sort of latter-day sort of disgust for Trump got the disgusted Republicans for the nomination nowhere but down & out & freezing in the cold. Jeb Bush spent 125 million dollars and managed to win six convention delegates. A very bad case of indigestion for all concerned!

Since January 20, 2017 Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have been standing around, waiting for Trump to be impeached. This impeachment, we know now, never came on schedule. What is a Republican congressional hack to do? Wait for impeachment to arrive, finally and surely and get Trump off their backs for good and all? But when you do nothing but wait and wait, events usually wind up overtaking you in a very bad and significant way. In less than 14 months time, Republicans will be constrained to face the voters yet again. Passing amnesty for illegal aliens and continuing to subsidize Planned Parenthood® will mean Republicans will face the voters in a shamefully naked state - - - and that sort of nakedness, which the Republicans in Congress are boldly displaying, is not pretty, not by a long chalk. Truth to tell, it is all very, very, very disgusting!