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My Greatest Fear is, if North Korea Nukes Us,
Trump is Going to Get Us into a War!

- Maxine Waters.

July 15, 2018 »» Same Old, Same Old?
The Republicans, according to the polls, are down 15% in the Congressional Generic. But wasn't Trump down by 15% vs. Hillary about this same time two years ago? The biggest under-reported story of the 2016 election was that Black turnout was down 5.5% on November 8, 2016 when compared to the Black-voter turnout of November, 2012. That's an awful lot. Will Blacks turnout when the mini-Hillaries of 2018 ask them to turnout for the Jack-Ass Party this year? It seems like it's Obama or nothing at all for Black voters. Hillary is still licking her wounds! They really, really, really hate you, Hillary!

July 10, 2018 »» The Survival Instinct.
The sham that is BREXIT soldiers on and the keeper of this false fire is Theresa May as always. To say it has been a grueling 25 months for Her Majesty's patient subjects is to utter a tremendous understatement of vast proportions. When Mrs. May became Prime Minister, two years ago, she promised to make sure the goods of BREXIT would be delivered, chop-chop.

When she lost the General Election, a little over a year ago, and had to pal up with the Ulster Protestants in order to stay in office and keep her party in power, she promised to make sure the goods of BREXIT would be delivered, chop-chop. Now the Conservative Party is a sinking ruin, smoldering viciously at her feet : yet she still clings to office, seemingly for the sake of being in office as if being Prime Minister were the most important thing in the British Isles - - - BREXIT and the British Isles be damned. Simply amazing. Just simply amazing!

July 1, 2018 »» Boise Used to Be a Nice Place . . .

June 25, 2018 »» Now It's Up to the Bavarians . . .
Angela Merkel is drowning in a sea of her own hollow promises and filthy lies. In 2015, Germany, at her urging, took in over one million military-age "refugees" from the Third-World. Now part of her very shaky coalition government (The Bavarians!) wants to deport the  "refugees" from Germany to some place, other than Germany, that likes Third-World "refugees." Over the weekend, Merkel met with the new Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, in Brussels, and begged Conte to take some these obstreperous Third-World "refugees" off her beleaguered hands.

Remembering Al Capone, a very famous Italian refugee, who moved from Brooklyn to Chicago, when "Scarface" was just a boisterous teenager and shaking down candy stores in Crown Heights, but who would later go on to make quite a name for himself in the annals of American crime, the new Italian Minister said NO to Frau Merkel - - - no surprises there, because "refugees" are not too popular in Italy nowadays! Angela Merkel thus returns to Berlin empty-handed. Will the Bavarians now bring down Germany's shaky coalition. Stay tuned.

June 23, 2018 »» Weeping Buckets o' Tears While Losing Buckets o' Money!
Meredith Corporation purchased the entire Time-Warner dead tree inventory of print publications in November of 2017.

In March of 2018, Meredith put money-loser Time magazine up for sale. So far no takers. Not even a nibble. Perhaps Rachel Maddow might be interested? Is it true that most Lefty Hollywood types are illiterate? You know, don't you, that Maddow is a big faker, don't you? Why wasn't she weeping buckets o' tears when Barry O'Bimbo was putting border jumper "babies in cages" up here, from Central America, in 2014? Hey, MS-13! - - - grab or kidnap a baby! Then you can bust the border! No questions asked!

June 22, 2018 »» Another Trump Victim.
In the most recent public opinion poll in Germany, almost half of those questioned hope that Angela Merkel resigns the office of German Chancellor. Third-World diversity sucks, particularly when it is rammed down your throat in dollops that are one-million strong!

June 20, 2018 »» Obama's Revenge Continues . . .

June 19, 2018 »» Here Come The MS-13 Kiddies!

June 17, 2018 »» No! to the Invasion!

June 17, 2018  »» Frau Merkel Hangs On . . .
The Bavarians threaten to pull out of Angela Merkel's Left-wing coalition on Monday but they probably won't. But what is truly amazing about Angela Merkel is that she has managed to survive since letting Germany be invaded by more than 1 million Third-Worlders since the Summer of 2015. Merkel's "Right-wing" party was trounced in the September 2017 elections and, in order to continue to soldier on, she was forced to invite the "friendly" Left into a shaky coalition.

If the horrified Bavarians pull out of Merkel's ridiculous coalition on Monday, Frau Merkel's government will be forced to go even further to the Left, friendly or hostile or whatever. For an ex-communist like Merkel, political principles are nothing - - - it's holding onto power, by whatever means, that always counts in the end.

June 12, 2018 »» Next Stop : SPAIN!

June 12, 2018 »» Salvini Forces African People Smugglers to Change Course.
For the last five years, a Left-wing minority government in Rome, with less than 30% of the overall Italian vote, had encouraged people smugglers to import more than 1 million Africans into Italy. Yesterday, the new Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini said Basta!

The latest offending African water-taxi is now headed for Spain, where the Socialist government there welcomes 600 African "migrants" aboard with open arms - - - of course, that's what true-blue Socialists do! Salvini's next task is to begin deportation of 500,000 African "migrants" back to Africa and out of Italy for good & all. In Fantasy Land, where all Leftists live, Africa is a noble and great place (Wakanda!). In Reality : not so much.

June 11, 2018 »» What Would Obama Do?

June 9, 2018 »» RINO Immigration Acid Test on Tuesday?
193 Democrats need 23 RINOs in the form of a "Discharge Petition" to set a DACA Dancer bill up for a successful vote in the US House of Representatives on Tuesday. Are there 23 or more RINOs in the Republican caucus in the House? Will outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan, an Open Borders freak, manage to mount a watered-down DACA Dancer GOP bill as a smelly cuck substitute? Stay tuned!

June 9, 2018 »» . . . Yet Another Celebrity Suicide.
His Profound Thoughts Were Once Let Loose on An Unsuspecting World!

June 7, 2018 »» Part 463 : Oh, The Horror, The Horror!
A dopey Illegal Alien pizza delivery man, who has been a visa-overstayer from Ecuador since 2010, tried to deliver a pizza to a US Army outpost in Brooklyn the other day. The Army checked out his phony credentials and the phony credentials turned out to be - - - wait for it! - - - PHONY! The dopey Illegal Alien pizza delivery man is now awaiting deportation which, of course, is eight years overdue. The Left is up in arms because dopey Illegal Alien pizza delivery men don't deserve to be deported! Next time, morons, make sure the guy delivering a pizza or an explosive devise to a US Army base has credentials that are NOT PHONY! - - - and oh, by the way, the Army took the pizza and ate it. So there!

June 7, 2018 »» A Living Allegory of Something or Other . . .
Donald J. Trump got laid in 2006. In 2016, he paid the prostitute who serviced him $130,000.00 to keep her mouth shut. In 2018, the prostitute (aka Stormy Daniels) feels that the 130,000.00 she got paid to keep her mouth was a really big gyp-job and now wants more money.

So these days she's suing the lawyer who got her $130,000.00 in 2016 because she wants more money in 2018 and because the 2016 pay-off was a really big gyp-job when you consider how much more she should have gotten in 2016 because Trump won the election and Hillary didn't. November is only five months away, Democrats. You've got to do better than this!

June 5, 2018 »» Layer Cake.
The US Supreme Court punted, 7-2, on "Gay Wedding Cakes" yesterday, ruling for a Colorado Christian baker who refused to make a cake for a homosexual wedding. According to high court, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had abridged the baker's First Amendment rights of free speech or some such nonsense. Whitey still remains in the court's sights as being inherently racist : for, when all is said and done, a Black baker wouldn't be forced to bake a cake for the KKK! Perish even the thought of such a thing!

June 5, 2018 »» Two Immigration Options for the New Italian Government.
The new Italian government will find itself considering two options, if it is willing to control the never-ending flow of Africans into Italy. The first is the most cruel : it would be a "let-them-drown" policy - - - which would be the easiest and cheapest to apply - - - by letting the water forces of the Mediterranean take natural vengeance upon the invading migrants (see the final chapters of the Book of Acts in the New Testament for a detailed account about what is likely to happen when the Mediterranean experiences bad weather).
The second would be an aggressive military option : the Italian Navy and Italian Marines would set a task to secure several beach heads in Tunisia and Libya, thereby returning African invaders to their original points of embarkation. This latter course would be a charge against the Italian treasury of between 15 and 25 €uros per year. Both options are bound to be unpopular in the Soros press.

June 5, 1968 »» A Second Gunman?

June 3, 2018 »» Does He Mean It? Can He Follow Through?
Matteo Salvini, Interior Minister of the new 5-Star, THE LEAGUE, Italian coalition government says : The good times for Illegals are over - - - get ready to pack your bags! Salvini promises to deport 500,000 Illegals in twelve months' time. Last year, only 6,500 Illegals were deported from Italy by last year's Lefty Interior Minister.
The Italian hard Left garnered only 23% of the overall vote in this year's Italian elections. 5-Star is on the Left but only in a very squishy way. Will the hard Right manage to deport 500,000 Illegals by this time next year? Will 5-Star get less squishy when it comes to deporting Illegals and block Salvini's admirable intentions? Stay tuned.

May 29, 2018 »» "Il Capitano" Sets a Trap . . .
Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Italian political party called THE LEAGUE, is nicknamed "The Captain." Perhaps, in time, his nickname will be "The New Machiavelli." THE LEAGUE emerged from March's Italian elections with only 18% of the overall vote. 5-Star did much better with 32% of the overall vote. THE LEAGUE is hard right and wants to start its business in government power by deporting 500,000 Third-Worlders from Italy to the God-forsaken places where they came from. 5-Star is squishy, softy Lefty. 5-Star wants a minimum universal monthly stipend for Italians but doesn't have the least clue about making the monthly stipend a reality outside Italian Fantasy Land.

President Sergio Mattarella, a political hack if there ever was one, just nullified the March elections and made a Soros stooge interim Prime Minister. New elections are certain for October or soon thereafter. Salvini's THE LEAGUE are assured of markedly increasing their vote from March's 18%. All hail "The New Machiavelli!" He knows how to play the Italian political game!

Decoration Day, 2018 »» George Soros Takes Power in Italy.
Since 1945, an Italian President or a King has never nullified an Italian election. President Sergio Mattarella achieved an invidious historic first today by appointing Soros-flunky Carlo Cottarelli "interim" Prime Minister. Cottarelli is also every inch a Merkel stooge when it comes to politics. 5-Star and The League, parties that received over 50% of the overall vote in March, have promised to have President Mattarella impeached ASAP. But this is how the EU really works, Italians : jerk voters are told to keep voting until they get it right and only then can they stop voting!

The British are still waiting for BREXIT to kick in. FAT CHANCE, Limeys! Merkel and Soros own you, lock, stock and two smoking barrels!