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My Greatest Fear is, if North Korea Nukes Us,
Trump is Going to Get Us into a War!

- Maxine Waters.

August 15, 2018 »» The Dissolution of the Monasteries . . .

The dissolution of the monasteries, during the reign of Henry VIII, proved to be the lasting death-knell of the Roman Catholic Church in England. Henry’s successor, Edward VI, during his brief reign, put the final seal on his father’s destruction of every inch of Roman Catholic hierarchy in England from low to high. After Edward VI's death, his successor, his elder sister, nicknamed “Bloody Mary,” could not resurrect an ecclesiastical structure that had alredy been destroyed in every jot and title.

Likewise it shall be with the Immigration Act of 1965. The final effect of this legislation will not only be the permanent change of the racial makeup of the United States, but also the irretrievable destruction of the former European makeup of the governmental structure of the country. The post-1965 population will wind up importing not only their customs and culture but also their mannerisms of over-lording statecraft. In brief, the post-1965 population will make their ultimate presence felt by doing away with all apparent European forms of government and replacing those discarded European forms with Third-World ones. This is certain. What remains to be determined is how the pre-1965 population and their descendants will react. Will they take offense and ultimately separate from the controlling Third-World horde? Or will they accept this new domination and meld with the post-1965 population? Or will they engage the post-1965 population and dissolve not only the newly established tyranny of the Third-World but create a new system of government which disestablishes this new tyranny and sets up and even newer form of government which is itself tyrannical and which will utterly exclude the post-1965 population a new walled-in terriority? The future is surely unwritten and it is just as surely full of surprises!

Aug. 15, 2018 »» Chicago Yearns for Her Missing Favorite Son . . .

Feast of The Assumption, 2018 »» Keep 'Em Coming : Sweden Burns!

Aug. 15, 2018 »» Whitey Ford : The First Race Realist?

August 13, 2018 »» Two Senate Dems Brake Ranks . . .
Two Senate Democrats, both in danger of losing their seats in November in states they went bigly for Trump in 2016, now say that they will support funding for THE WALL. They are Joe Donnelly (Indiana) and Joe Manchin (West Virginia).

Aug. 13, 2018 »» Russian Collusion Bribery : Remember Uranium One?

Aug 13, 2018 »» Do The "Good Whites" Believe Their Own Baloney?

Aug. 12, 2018 »» Do Socialism & Mendacity Go Together Like Siamese Twins?

August 12, 2018 »» More Than One Way to Skin An [Old] Cat . . .
                                                          club skin an
                                                          old cat

August 9, 2018 »» The Invasion Continues . . .

August 9, 2018 »» Low GOP Turnout in Ohio . . .
Turnout for registered Republicans was on the low side in Ohio on Tuesday. And yeah, the usual suspects were to blame (Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Ben Sasse, Bob Corker, cancerous "Johnny Wet Start," etc.). Unless all Republicans start making Third-World Immigration their main issue, any chance of keeping the House in GOP hands will have gone with the wind on Nov. 6th. In their eyes, Donald John Trump is the ultimate freak for making Third-World Immigration his signature issue in 2016 - - - oh no!, not leading GOP leaders, who still cling to the idea that Hispanic border jumpers invariably cross into the United States with a Spanish-language pocket US Constitution in their backpacks and a conviction to pay their full share of income tax, instead of working off the books, while claiming full welfare benefit for their bastard American-born children! It is GOP politicians who are freakiest of freaks, when all is said and done. They never learn and their treachery never ends.

August 8, 2018 »» The Trumpster Saves the Day!
Last night, the lackluster GOP candidate won in Ohio CD 12 by about 1,600 of the overall vote. "Early Voting" had begun in the previous four weeks, showing the Jackass candidate more than 20% ahead. President Trump campaigned for the losing GOP candidate last week, thereby securing a slender final victory for the worthless pachyderm POS. Republicans, you don't deserve your boss! He cares for you much more than you care for him!

Meanwhile, Kris Kobach, yes, that Kris Kobach!, has won the GOP primary for Governor of Kansas by less than 300 votes. LATEST : KOBACH IS AHEAD BY ABOUT 600 VOTES - - - STILL COUNTING! A recount is certain there. White soul signers, who pretend to sound like Jamaicans and who admire Elvis and who are for Open Borders in the UK, were not on the ballot. Now there's an idea, Democrats!

August 6, 2018 »» A Very Low Bail . . .
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