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Be gone,you wretch!Shut up!
I have all this shit under control!

- A Nancy Pelosi Coffee Mug.


Feb. 22, 2018 »» Anarchy Make Over : ANTIFA Has Great Tits!

Feb. 22, 2018 »» "Turtle Trap" Indicts Manafort Again . . .
He's gonna keep doing it until he gets it right. (no one can understand a single word he says!).

February 22, 2018 »» Just Mowing the Grass is Good Enough . . .
Despite an obvious constant struggle to suppress the heavily drugged side effects of tardive dyskinesia, Nancy Pelosi has enough energy left in her withered frame to form a pretty funny view of how border control should work. She seems to think that border jumpers from Mexico usually hide in the tall grass, so as not to draw the laser-like attention of the US Border Patrol.

No, Nan, the Central American border jumpers just keep moving on, far into the interior of this country, where they offload their illicit wares. They don't give a damn about no stinkin' badges or a nice looking lawn. A double barrier, like the one the Israelis have, would probably work plentifully to discourage the determined invaders from the south.

And while we're on the regrettable subject of Nancy Pelosi, this bat-shit crazy woman believes that miscegenation will somehow save this country from racial strife. She thinks that if enough hot young non-White women get into bed with enough White men, this new beautiful mixture, that would be the result of such a blessed coupling, would bring about paradise on earth.
Again, Nan, you couldn't be more warped in your assessment of the current invasion-situation in these parts.
The foreign non-Whites are not streaming in here to offer free Nookie to all comers, but to grab as many welfare bennies as they can and then to keep on grabbing. Whatever drugs she's taking are leaving ole Nan in a very confused state of mind. As they say in Harlem : her brain is a Happy Meal® short of an order of fries!

Feb. 21, 2018 »» Jim Carrey : The 2nd Coming of Karen Carpenter?

February 21, 2018 »» The Unrelenting Drumbeat of the Here & Now . . .
The painfully obvious fact that the Spanish-surnamed school shooter in Florida got away with wildly aberrant criminal behavior only because he had a Spanish surname is starting to overshadow the Lefty media's incessant cry for the banning of all semi-automatic firearms may just be the beginning of the first chinks in a seamless "narrative." If Cruz had been categorized as "White" he would have been locked up in a walled loony bin years long before he could go into that High School and kill seventeen victims at random.

It now appears that it was not ultimately the AR-15 that was fatal but rather it was the policy of Affirmative Action in compiling crime statistics that had its constant prejudicial finger on the lethal trigger. Thanks to Affirmative Action, the public mind has been festooned with suicidal stupidity, so much so that Affirmative Action in meeting out punishment has become a locked-in policy that some unfortunates must always die in upholding the ultimate and debased cause of its application throughout the American criminal justice system.

February 20, 2018 »» Arkancide in France?
A headless and legless torso was pulled out of the Loire river, near Nantes, by French police yesterday. The human remains were in a very advanced state of decomposition. Bill Clinton resigned the office of Governor of the state of Arkansas, before leaving for Washington, DC, in January of 1993. After French authorities complete a forensic autopsy this afternoon in Nantes, will they file a homicide writ, through Interpol, to have Bill Clinton extradited?

Feb. 19, 2018 »» That Old Double Standard Has Got "Turtle Trap" in Its Spell!
Bob Mueller's indictment of that rinky-dink Russian troll farm has got all honest constitutional and civil rights lawyers talking - - - and yes, there are still a few reputable lawyers left in the United States, who were not corrupted by Hillary Clinton's decades-long bribery spree that started at the Rose Law firm (and which started in Little Rock, circa 1977)! CLICK HERE for more info. (Bob Mueller's nickname, when he was director of the FBI, was "Turtle Trap," meaning he moves slowly and never gets his man!).

(Last Week, Hillary Clinton Showed Up at the Headquarters of the
CLINTON FOUNDATION with a Red Marker & Attempted to Shift the
Blame About the Missing Funds in the Haitian Earthquake
Relief Accounts). Of course, She Denies Culpability

February 18, 2018 »» Trump Gets the Wrong End of the Arse . . .
Trump has tweeted that the Russians are "laughing their asses off" over the "collusion" hoax. He likely meant CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the Lefty cohort. The prospect still remains that Mueller will indict Trump for firing bent Comey. Lefty lunacy recognizes no bounds in this world or within the confines of Hell.

February 17, 2018 »» Wray's FBI : Return to Zero?
After the Trump-Russia "dirty" dossier fiasco, Comey's leaking of super secret "obstruction of justice" memos to the New York Times, and the latest Florida school massacre by a lunatic gunman - - - whose prior bouts of insanity were well known to the FBI - - - can the FBI descend down to an even lower rung of estimation in the eyes of the public?

It must be recalled that J. Edgar Hoover frequently sent racoon turds to the FBI lab to be analyzed for rabies, if said suspect turds had been discovered within the boundaries of Hoover's property, played an active role in altering vital evidence of the Dallas assassination of President Kennedy and had appointed his boyfriend to be the FBI's deputy director. How might Wray beat out Hoover as a law enforcement trailblazer in the months and years to come?

February 17, 2018 »» Mueller to Hillary : Look into My Eyes . . .
you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm. you lost the election because of a Russian troll farm.

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February 16, 2018 »» Once You Go Black, You Can Never Go Back!
Do You know that Queen Divine Justice is Black Panther's protégée? Did you know that Wakanda was once a paradise but only because the outside world (meaning White people) never found the true unblocked land passage or sea route to Wakanda, so therefore Wakanda had previously stayed pure and unmolested by noxious outside influences? Do you know that the Black Panther can easily wrestle RINOs to the ground? Do you know that the Black Panther can smell fear and sniff out lies (send him to Washington, DC - - - where his Super Powers can be used to pass a "clean" DACA bill!).

Do you know that the reason that both Detroit and Baltimore are now so totally fucked up is because those cities were built by really fucked up White people and because these really fucked up White people forced their former hybrid slaves to live in Detroit and Baltimore and watch at least eight hours of TeeVee a day and eat at least 2 super large bags of Wise® BBQ potato chips before sundown and sit on greasy red tartan sofas for their entire lives, which is why Detroit and Baltimore are now so totally and completely noxious cities that are now so totally and completely fucked up. Well, now you know. If you ask stupid questions, you get stupid answers!

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