Detective Club of Jersey City

Detective Club of Jersey City

Detective Club of Jersey City

Detective Club of Jersey City

Detective Club of Jersey City
Getting Rid of 30,000 Compromising E-Mails,
One by One!

Detective Club of Jersey City

Detective Club of JC
It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better.
Detective Club of Jersey City

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WASHINGTON, DC - - - NOV. 3, 2015. [From the editions of THE WASHINGTON POST] The Department of Veterans Affairs has suspended a relocation program used by two senior executives to obtain more than $400,000 in questionable moving expenses and moved to discipline the officials, a senior agency leader said Monday. Danny Pummill, acting undersecretary for benefits, told lawmakers on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee that VA is “doing a re­look at moving programs throughout the agency” and reconsidering how it promotes and transfers senior executives, “so everything is being done for the right reasons.” [Senior executives abused their positions to get plum jobs and perks, watchdog says] “We weren’t paying attention to everything we should have been paying attention to,” Pummill said. “We need to do a better job of that.” Congress is investigating the executives for allegedly abusing their positions to get plum jobs and perks, part of a pattern of unjustified moving incentives and transfers identified by VA’s watchdog. The committee subpoenaed Pummill, the executives and the two lower­ranking regional benefits managers they forced to accept job transfers against their will, according to investigators. But the executives, Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves, refused to testify, telling the committee they were asserting their Fifth Amendment rights under the Constitution to protect themselves against self­incrimination. [Lawmakers demand answer from VA on “shockingly unethical misuse of funds" by executives] Rubens, director of the Philadelphia regional office for the Veterans Benefits Administration, and Graves, director of the St. Paul, Minn., regional office for the VBA, face possible criminal prosecution.

Pummill said their punishment for administrative misconduct will be one of the first cases handled under a new law that speeds up dismissals and other discipline against VA senior executives, who now have far fewer appeal rights than they once did. Pummill replaced Allison Hickey, who was forced to resign after the report by the inspector general’s office recommended VA take administrative action against her for poor oversight of the relocation program. [Relocation program for executives should be scrutinized across government, watchdog says] He declined to say what action the agency is taking against Rubens and Graves, who kept their salaries of $181,497 and $173,949, respectively, even though the new positions they took had less responsibility, overseeing a fraction of the employees at lower pay levels. Between salary increases and relocation expenses, the VBA spent $1.8 million to reassign 23 senior executives from fiscal 2013 to fiscal 2015, investigators found. In all but two cases, the new jobs came with pay raises, despite a White House­imposed freeze on senior executives’ pay — and a widely publicized ban on bonuses stemming from a backlog of outstanding claims for disability benefits. “VA exists for veterans, not for itself or the unjust enrichment of its senior employees,” the committee’s chairman, Rep. Jeff Miller (R­Fla.), said of the scheme.

Acting inspector general Linda Halliday disclosed in September that Rubens and Graves “inappropriately used their positions of authority for personal and financial benefit” when they forced lower­ranking officials to transfer out of their positions and then filled the vacancies themselves. Pummill said the agency has suspended its relocation program pending a review of how effectively it’s being monitored. The program, run by the General Services Administration, pays private contractors a 27 percent fee to sell homes of senior executives who switch jobs. But it is supposed to be used only rarely for hard­to­fill jobs; Rubens and Graves sought out their new assignments. Linda Halliday told the committee that while VA should make multiple changes to its transfer and relocation programs for senior executives, the most critical change will be ensuring that those who abused the program are punished. “What about the culture change?” Rep. Dan Benishek (R­Mich.) asked Pummell. His response was candid. “It’s devastating that the senior leaders are not held as accountable as the lowest people in the organization,” he said, acknowledging VA’s persistent problems with morale. He said Sloan Gibson, the agency’s second in command, “understands that we have an accountability problem.” “We pay out of a lot of money,” Pummill said. “We have to be accountable to the Congress of the United States.”

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If Hillary Clinton is Forced to Drop-Out Before Nov. 8th,
This is What Will Happen!

Three Generations of Imbeciles Republicans are Enough!

There are White Folks
And Then There are
Ignorant Mother-Fuckers
Like You!

- - - Barack Hussein Obama

Oct. 25, 2016 »» The "Help" Don't Like THE WHITE BOSS LADY Much . . .
Somebody said that Bill Clinton was the First Black President. According to his phony birth certificate, Fugazy is now our First Mulatto President. Hillary Clinton wants to be our First Female President. According to ABC's latest joke poll, she's ten points up on the Trumpster and pulling away. So what's happening in Ohio and Georgia may be a bit of curious news, going against the general Lefty liberal grain of megaphone hysteria.
It seems that in both states, county clerks in Black areas are reporting than they have received about 10%-less, absentee-ballot mail than they did in 2012, so far. Of course, when the Clinton campaign gets wind of this, diligent campaign workers might just go to the nearest post office and purchase a super coil of 5,000 First-Class stamps and commence vigorous efforts of mail-in, phantom voting! Would that mean if Hillary manages to pull-off upsets in Ohio and Georgia, then James Comey will open a federal investigation into illegal ballot stuffing on November 9th? Just asking!

October 24, 2016 »» Today's Investor's Business Daily Poll . . .

TRUMP 41%; CLINTON 41%; JOHNSON 8%; STEIN 4%; UNDECIDED 6%. 815 respondents questioned (291 Dems.; 235 Reps.; 271 Independents). White Men favor TRUMP to CLINTON : 56%-27%. Also Independents prefer TRUMP over CLINTON : 41%-32%. Blacks & Hispanics overwhelmingly want CLINTON 68% over TRUMP 13%.

October 23, 2016 »» Once a Stooge, Always a Stooge . . .
On Oct. 25, 2012, Gary Langer conducted a presidential preference poll for ABC NEWS : Romney, 50%-Obama 47% (2012 Election Day result : Obama, 51%-Romney 47%). Today's Gary Langer little monstrosity for ABC NEWS is Clinton, 50%-Trump, 38%. What is most remarkable is that Langer sampled 9% more Democrats in his poll than Republicans (36%-27%).
The customary nationwide polling advantage of Democrats over Republicans is 4% (32%-28%). Talk about cooking the books! "Rigged" doesn't begin to describe a typical Langer poll - - - "laughable" is more like it! Reporting a Langer poll as anything less than a joke should be a criminal offense!

October 23, 2016 »» Hillary's No. 9 Campaign!
Sometimes a light bulb goes off and it's no your light bulb. A club member writes : I can't take it anymore! Is this all that Hillary's got! That Trump used to chase women and put his hand down their pants, hoping to get laid! Where's the rape charges, like President Billy-Boy? I can't take the biased press anymore! It makes you want eat a whole jar of Magic Mushrooms and jerk off until you commit suicide! What prompted this outburst seems to be TRUMP ACCUSER NO. 9.
The way she tells it is that Mr. Donald J. Trump, NYC Real-Estate mogul, invited her up to his room in 2006, along with 2 other porn stars (yes, in this story we have 3 porn stars!) and Trump tried to grab or get at her pussy for 35 minutes but she fought him off while the other 2 porn stars chaperons watched or threatened to call the cops or something. Why, in the name of Holy God, was this frustration-session allowed to go on for a full 35 minutes can scarcely be imagined!
How Trump allowed himself to be quelled in his sexual desires for 35 minutes is something that no man, in his right mind, can be expected to believe! Couldn't Trump just hire an expensive, clean prostitute and not mess with dirty porn stars, who probably were infected with the Singapore claw-hammer? Bill Clinton, in his prime would gone after all 3 porn stars with a baseball bat if they had refused his advances and then would have forced their dead skulls to give him blow jobs in "trader" fashion!
Do you know that, after the Haitian Earthquake in 2010, THE CLINTON FOUNDATION raked 94 cents off the top of every dollar collected?! Do you know that, during Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State, 6 billion dollars in the US State Dept. could not be accounted for because it all had "gone missing?" TRUMP ACCUSER NO. 9 - - - ÜBER ALLES!

October 22, 2016 »» Why So Hysterical?
With Hillary Clinton, from 6%-8% ahead the polls, why is the general Lefty media behaving so hysterically? Two reasons suggest themselves : the first is that the polls are outright phonies and that the race is too close to call; the second that Mrs. Clinton's relatively good health could disappear at any moment and, like Lon Cheney, Jr. at the first sight of the bright full moon, she might snap into a sudden uncontrollable bout of worsening twitches and seizures.
Such an event would send Mrs. Clinton's poll numbers plummeting as happened after she collapsed and lost a shoe on a sunny morning in Manhattan on September 11th.
Dr. Donald J. Trump could secure this election simply by paying a personal house visit to each & every undecided, hysterical female voter and by scrupulously administering an intensive session of groping to each individual good lady in the furtherance of reputable Victorian science!

October 22, 2016 »» Early Results in Florida . . .
Among registered voters in Florida, the breakdown is Democrats 38%, Republicans 36%, Independents 22%, and Other Party Affiliations 4%. Slightly more Republicans than Democrats have cast mail-in ballots for the November election. Independents, who have already voted by mail-in, usually vote for Republicans over Democrats in a most predictable 5%-15% range. Current opinion polls have Clinton now ahead of Trump by about 5%. Unless there is an unexpected surge of support for Al Capone Hillary Clinton on Election Day, the Florida mail-in ballots presage a Trump victory in the state, after all votes are counted on November 8th.

October 21, 2016 »» Stuck in The Slough of
Despond With a Non-Conviction Politician.
Although practically all the coverage has been angled, Left & Right, from the point of view of pro or contra Donald Trump, the dominating psychological spirit of this presidential campaign has been almost exclusively that of Hillary Clinton. Despondency, Despair, Depression, Humiliation, Suicidal Ideation - - - whatever watch-word or catchphrase you prefer - - - insult your brain when you observe her vulture-like pursuit of the Presidency.
There is something more than a little craven in her eagerness for office. Since March of last year, watching her disport in public is like watching a hungry racoon tear and shred the last line of pink flesh from a pork spare rib. She not only wants to devour the meat, she wants to mouth and suck the gristle before slurping the grease at the chewed bone.
John Bunyan, in his sublime allegory, described how it was not un-Christian to pray for the death of an Evil Giant or to pray that an Evil Giant should die a death of excruciating agony. To see Hillary Clinton suffer a series of horrendous seizures is to know that Bunyan's imagined and mortal Evil Giant was much more than mere allegory.

October 20, 2016 »» Newton Knew a Thing or Two about Apples . . .
The big news this morning is that Trump is leaving his options open : he just might question the results of the 2016 election in like-fashion to Al Gore à la 2000. But how did Republicans get to this point? Why does there seem to be the perpetual need for a constant refresher course when one considers the ridiculous machinations of your average, sniveling Republican politician? Give us a Republican House in 2010 and ObamaCare won't get one red cent in funding in 2011. Republican voters turnout in 2010 and vote in a Republican House but a Republican House goes right ahead and funds ObamaCare anyway in 2011. In 2012, 6 million Republican voters stayed home and Romney lost to Fugazy 47%-51%. RNC Central pretends not to know why! In 2014, Republican politicians promised to defund Obama's unconstitutional Amnesty if they were to get control of the Senate - - - but after they got control of the Senate, Republican senators joined with House Republicans and wind up funding Obama's Amnesty, all with a shit-eating grin on their disingenuous faces! Republican voters are outraged. RNC Central pretends not to know why! Fancy that!
You can't blame Trump for the broken promises and the ensuing fiasco of the last six years; the variegated physics of political gravity is simply this : that if you lie and betray your base often and long enough, your base will come to hate and to despise you with a mighty passion. Like Newton's apple, the concrete forces of political gravity are certain to hit you on top of the noggin like a ton of bricks! If the Republican presidential candidate loses next month, don't put the blame on him - - - it will be the likes of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell who done it, big time : their fingerprints are all over this particular job of GOP back-stabbing!
Two Pussies
Two Pussies No One Wants to Grab, Let Alone Touch!

October 19, 2016 »» "The Future is Always Ahead of Us!"
So said Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York, Republican nominee for President in 1948. The aggregate of preference polls predicted that he would beat President Harry S. Truman by between 12% and 15%, although one last poll, taken a full 2 weeks before Election Day, showed Truman losing by only 6% and gaining rapidly.
Detective Club of
                                                Jersey City
The 1948 presidential election had the lowest turnout of registered voters at 51% since the 1924 Coolidge landslide (49% turnout of registered voters).
Detective Club of
                                                Jersey City

October 17, 2016 »» We've Been Hacked by THE ROOSKIES!

They found out we took $23.05 to take a dive for Hillary!
Just think of it : just one registered Democrat voter can vote 86 times in Philadelphia on November 8th before the sun comes up! Pennsylvania's out of reach for Trump. He never had a chance!

Oct. 17, 2016 »» Is Hillary Taking "A Wake-Up" for Her Wake Up?

October 13, 2016 »» We Interrupt the Campaign . . .
                                                      Club of JC
Last Night in Manhattan, Rihanna Mugged a Rastafarian.

October 13, 2016 »» His Wicked, Wicked Ways . . .
According to the New York Times, Mr. Donald J. Trump, NYC Real-Estate mogul, was quite the dog thirty years ago. For long flights, he would plan ahead, purchasing two First Class tickets, and then, while the plane was in the air, scoping out the female "talent" seated in the nether regions of the plane, in Coach. He would then invite the beautiful one of his immediate eye's fancy to join him. The woman, who the New York Times found to tell her own salacious Trump story, appears to say that when Trump copped a quick feel of her tits she wasn't too upset but when he probed with his determined hand and thrust it up her dress - - - WELL! - - - that was just a bridge too far!
So, as the presidential campaign draws to its conclusion, we have an OLD SERIAL GROPER vs. THE DISEASED GRAFTING WIFE OF A BURNT-OUT SERIAL RAPIST! Beats talking about whether to grant Amnesty to 30 million Third-Worlders, anytime! It has been said before & it needs to be said now : WE ARE DOOMED!

October 12, 2016 »» The White House Stallion!
                                                      Club of Jersey
He's Hung Like a Horse!
                                                          Club of Jersey

October 12, 2016 »» A Busy Little Bee . . .
During the four years in which Hillary Clinton served as US Secretary of State, she traveled the world shaking down Third-World dictators for hundreds of millions in bribes that were later to be funneled through THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. Some of the bribe money was "made to magically disappear."
According to just released Wikileaks documents, some of this bribe money ended up being deposited in numbered accounts in the Cayman Islands. Here's hoping, for Crooked Hillary's sake, that her worsening Parkinson's Disease doesn't reach her brain and she completely forgets the numbers on her secret Cayman Islands accounts!
Hey, Chelsea - - - have your mom write the numbers down on a piece of paper, like really pronto and quick chop-chop! You never know when you might need an extra 100 or 200 million bucks to pay the cable bill!
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City

October 11, 2016 »» Paul Ryan Goes The Full Ludendorff!

Sometimes you just come to the wrong conclusion when it would be just simply better to stand pat. General der Infantrie Erich Ludendorff was in a state of panic in March of 1918. The new Emperor of Austria-Hungry was hoping to make a back-channels peace deal with France. The Ottoman Middle-East was being overrun by British colonial forces. Millions of German munitions workers had gone out on wildcat strikes, thereby cutting the production of bombs and bullets vitally necessary for the battlefront. The Americans were about to put 300,000 fresh troops into the field before June. Ludendorff was in a state of complete panic of mind. He had to do something and he had to do it fast or else Germany would lose the war. Ludendorff knew that the battle-lines around Cambrai and on the Flanders front were thinly populated by raw English draftees who had been hurriedly sent into the gaps along the allied line after the suppression of French army mutiny of 1917. So Ludendorff hatches a plan, which he dubbed “Operation Michael.” On March 21, 1918, the first German storm-troopers overran the English lines at Cambrai and in Flanders. German success was practically total but German victories proved to be short-lived because, when battle weary and starving German forces were sent in to hold newly gained ground, they chose rather to lay down their arms and go on a looting spree. They robbed the English supply trains and they stripped clean the German food wagons that had just arrived from the central Berlin depot. Operation Michael had been judged a great military maneuver during the first few weeks of its endeavor but it would turn out to be a meaningful prelude to the ultimate defeat of Germany in November.

Ludendorff went potty. His beloved stepson had been killed by an English mine during Operation Michael. He had the body preserved and sent to him at GHQ. Practically every day he would open the lid of his stepson’s coffin and initiate odd intensive and loud conversations with no one in particular, while seated at his writing desk. GHQ junior officers joked that General Ludendorff had to raise his voice to the ceiling because his stepson was dead and hard of hearing.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan seems to have all but endorsed Hillary Clinton yesterday. Is he keeping a sawdust-filled body in a coffin in his office? Has he been lately seen shouting at the ceiling? Republicans über alles?

Oct. 10, 2016 »» Hillary Bill Clinton Beaten Like an Arkansas Mule.
Yes, the line that Hillary should be in jail was a good one. Yes, the line that Hillary was no Lincoln because Lincoln was not a liar like Hillary Clinton always was and eternally is might have even been a little bit better. Yes, the line that Hillary can't tell the difference between friend or foe in Syria might have been the topper. Yes, the poke that Hillary has a wacky, permanent Jones against Putin and everything Russian caused one to smile.
But the best moment of the night happened in the shadowy seats, not on the bright stage where a twitching and diseased female Quasimodo reeled and staggered for a full 90 minutes. Bill Clinton, his eyes bugging out, had been surrounded by a group of angry old women, whom had preyed upon sexually in his younger days.
He had the look of dried-up old man, being frog-marched to the electric chair. For just a tiny moment in time, the ancient sex-chickens had come home to roost!
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City
God refuses to be mocked and the devil flinches when you hold a clear crystal to his face. In 16th Century Florence, the most prized painters managed to capture that special panicky Bill Clinton look, which was on glorious display, for all to witness, last night!
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City

October 9, 2016 »» Part 463 : The Old Switcheroo?
The was always a great danger, for Trump, in picking a dyed-in-the-wool cuck like Mike Pence to be his running mate. Pence was all for the 2013 Senate Amnesty bill and, up until quite recently, he was for one-way trade deals big time, deals which insured that American jobs would be sent overseas and that some of the foreign money thereby generated would be sent back to the bank accounts of CONservative DC lobbyists. The prospect of substituting Pence for Trump, at the top of the ticket, has the RNC and K Street drooling with obscene delight. Watch your back, Donald! Nobody likes you except the Republican base and they're dead broke!

Oct. 9, 2016 » At Least Adolph Sent Flowers to Eva on Her Birthday!
When the Bush Administration Russian expert, Condi Rice, who couldn't speak, read, or write Russian, says she won't vote for Trump, you can put a fork in him, he's done! According to the august New York Times, Hillary Clinton's landslide over Mr. Donald J. Trump, NYC Real-Estate mogul, will be bigger than the one which occurred in France on April 21, 2002, when Jacques Chirac was re-elected President of France, beating Jean-Marie Le Pen by a quite comfortable national vote of 82%-18% (Jean-Marie said Algeria and Tunisia were not sending France their best - - - so outrageous! what a deplorable, rabid, racist beast!).
Only one question remains : will the precious anti-Parkinson's fluids, that keep Hillary alive, day by day, freeze over in mid-drip cord as she takes the presidential oath of office on a freezing day in Washington, D. C. or will an enormous space-heater be pushed to the inauguration lectern on January 20, 2017 (perhaps Chief Justice John Roberts can swear-in Hillary from a warm ICU over Skype®? Instead of putting her hand on the Holy Koran, Hillary will hold onto her transfusion-tree and quote Karl Marx - - - Christianity Religion is the opiate of the masses! - - - and then it will all be nice and legal [legal being a entirely relative word when you talk about the Clintons!]).
Which position will Hillary take in bed? Sitting up or lying down? You know, Hillary once told Wall Street, for a modest fee of $250,000.00, that every politician needs to have at least two positions and three bribes, laundered through THE CLINTON FOUNDATION, of course!

October 8, 2016 »» A 2005 Hot Mic AND A 2016 Dying Hillary!

With internal Clinton campaign polling showing Mr. Donald J. Trump withstanding a barrage of negative press coverage and starting to break for daylight - - - and with La Clinton herself hooked up to a drip-cord attached to a transfusion-tree, while Alex Jones' les enragés d'enragés disciples scream RAPIST! at every Bill Clinton appearance for $5,000 a pop - - -
the Access Hollywood sound tape of Mr. Donald J. Trump, NYC Real-Estate mogul, talking dirty about taking married women furniture shopping and grabbing hot "pussy" without a by-your-leave, whenever he could, was released to THE WORLD by the Hillary-hoping Washington Post.
Will the Fantastic Republican Four of Mike Lee, Jason Chapstick, George Pataki, and Paul Ryan force THE dirty-talking 2005 TRUMPSTER from the 2016 race?
(It's probably too late in 2016, guys but Yebbie Booooooooooooooooosh is still waiting for your call. He's ready, willing, and able!).

Meanwhile, Wikileaks has a $250,000.00 Wall St. speech in which Mrs. Clinton admits that she has a private position on matters of state, which is always bought paid for by the likes of WELLS FARGO and JP MORGAN CHASE, and a worthless public position that she feeds to all the moronic suckers who vote for her and who foolishly think that she gives a good goddamn about anyone but herself and THE CLINTON FOUNDATION!
It's rush-hour and the wheelbarrows, full of mud, are coming faster than an express, rocket-fueled uptown bus with wings, headed straight for Park Avenue!
It's going to rain and rain filth, boys and girls, until November 8, 2016! Put on your hip-boots and Hazmat suits!

October 2, 2016 »» A Clinton Tear-Sheet & Nothing But . . .
The New York Times reports that Mr. Donald J. Trump didn't pay federal income taxes in 1995 because he went bankrupt in that particular year.
Well, shut my mouth! Most people in the United States, who don't go to bed in an insane asylum every night, don't pay federal income taxes when they go bankrupt during the course of a calendar year.
This Trump "tax-cheat" story probably means that the paper has stopped covering the nude narco-trafficantes for Hillary campaign - - - at least for the time being.
But you never can be too sure when enough's enough with the New York Times these days!

Oct. 1, 2016 »» Clinton's Voter Support Collapses in New Jersey.
The Stockton College presidential preference poll of likely voters - - - released today - - - has Clinton beating Trump 46%-40% in New Jersey.
In 2012, Obama crushed Romney by an 18-point margin of victory in the state.
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City
While a Hillary win in NJ still seems to be a certainty in November, if her voter base continues to erode there, her campaign will have to purchase the most expensive radio and TV commercial slots in country (the New York station book) just to save her from acute embarrassment and perhaps even defeat in New Jersey.
With more than five weeks to go until Election Day, Hillary does not have this election in the bag - - - not by any means.
The disappointment that Trump failed to put her away in the Monday night debate is quite palpable! Conspiracy theories, anyone?
Will Hillary campaign with the infamous Naked Narco-Trafficanta in Union City in order to woo over the Cuban vote?

October 1, 2016 »» Part 463 : Overheard on the Internets . . .
"I tried to play the latest youtube video of Hillary Clinton but the audio was out of sync."

"Next time, don't use Windows 98. You might even try to access youtube through your toaster. Sometimes, I find that it works if you pay your cable bill before the fifteenth of the month. Then you can phone Mars without using your free minutes!"
                                                          Club of Jersey
Do You Remember Hillary's $100,000 Package Deal?

October the First (2016) is Too Late . . . No, It Isn't!
friends don't let friends vote for Hillary!
                                                          Club of Jersey

September 30, 2016 »» France, May 1958 :
When The Unthinkable Became The Routine.
Fearing that a coalition of socialist and communist politicians, forming a majority government in the National Assembly, was about to hand over Algeria to its Arab population, the Army of the French Republic staged a successful coup in Algeria and, in succeeding days, parachuted into Corsica and took control of that island. Plans were then set forth to invade France herself. Explosives were planted at the most vital Parisian bridges, roads, and railways stations in the form of powerful suitcase bombs. The first shock troops would be charged with taking over the Eiffel Tower for the purpose of shutting down the hostile leftist government's ability to rally its forces by sending out incendiary broadcasts on radio and over television. Next, the coup forces intended to overrun the Hotel des Invalides, a vast military campus, and use its facilities to direct its sympathetic troops throughout the entirety of France until the whole country could be brought to heel.
But invading mainland France proved to be unnecessary. At the end of the month, retired General Charles de Gaulle became the new all-powerful French Prime Minister with the full approval of the coup plotters. In 1961, de Gaulle moved to extricate France from Algeria and in 1961, the OAS tried to blow de Gaulle up with a massive road-side bomb but the bomb itself was detonated too soon, failing to kill de Gaulle.
In 1962, the OAS attempted to machine-gun de Gaulle as he was being driven in the presidential limousine, at a deserted crossroads, just outside Paris. De Gaulle escaped harm without so much as a scratch. In 1963, de Gaulle warned President Kennedy, through back channels, to keep a wary eye out for renegade factions in the Pentagon that might not wish to see him live long enough to run for re-election in 1964.
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City

He has been replaced on the DNC national ballot by narco-trafficanta and sun 'n surf exhibitionist Alicia "No Saint" Machado, who has smaller tits than he does!
The first thing Senorita Machado plans to do is hire a sound truck and drive through the streets of Miami, threatening to knee-cap anyone who has the audacity to vote for Trump in November!
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City
Wow, can she drive a getaway car and that's a talent Hillary Clinton and her roving-eyed husband really appreciate!

Michaelmas, 2016 »» The Unbearable Lightness of Trump . . .
                                                        Club of Jersey
Sometimes when one has been living under piles and piles of shit for so long, you can't smell the full pungency of it all until you come up for air every now and then! When NYC real-estate mogul Donald J. Trump announced, in June of 2015, that if he were elected President he would deport all marauding Third-Worlders, who had committed crimes while resident in the United States, the man was taken for a prophet, come down from the Celestial Heavens!
Since the Reagan Amnesty of 1986, the working policy of practically all powerful Republican politicians has always been invade the world, invite the world. Mr. Donald J. Trump was supposed to, win or lose, break the iron fetters of this insane practice of national suicide, Republican-style. That Trump was lazy and unprepared for Monday's debate was more than a massive shock - - - diseased Hillary ate his breakfast, lunch, and supper and then she spit every undigested morsel in his face!
Are Republican plebeians forever cursed to wander in the wilderness? Must they forever wait for the inevitable coup d'état, - - - courtesy of a military man on a white horse - - - before our joke borders can finally be shut against the unrelenting Third-World horde? It has been more than fifty years in the wilderness since the Immigration Act of 1965 and we are still waiting for The One, The Pure, The True Moses.
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City

September 28, 2016 »» She's Still Got THE COOTIES . . .
You would expect to see a big turnout for Hillary Clinton's "Victory Rally" in Raleigh, North Carolina yesterday. After all, didn't she beat Mr. Donald J. Trump to a pulp on Monday night?
Wouldn't tens of thousands of Democrats want to celebrate the noble slaying of a disgusting Republican monster?
Well, at a small venue, the Clinton campaign managed to pack in an overflow crowd of 1,442 enthusiastic Raleigh supporters, cheering lustily for their gal Hillary! Mind you, 1,442 is the official head-count of the Clinton campaign.
Hillary Clinton lies about everything or did you have to be told something so painfully obvious?

September 27, 2016 » Can She Turn Back the Clock?
- - - or will the clock catch up with her? Mrs. Hillary Clinton (she'll turn 69 next month and she fully intends to cough out every candle on her birthday cake!) is supposed to make public appearances on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The old barracuda means to show that she still can go in for the kill! It's a gamble which she feels compelled to take.
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City
Even after beating Trump in last night's debate, she must feel in her old bones that she is falling behind and that her White House Dreams will turn to dust unless she makes the voters forget about her Sept. 11th collapse. Time to make a mad dash for the finish line - - - and time waits for no one, so they say!
Meanwhile, Mr. Donald J. Trump, NYC real-estate developer, has a heavy cold. Mr. Donald J. Trump is seventy years of age. You know what they say, Donald? If you space out 3 bags of primo heroin (known on Fifth Avenue as a "New York Bag"), morning, noon, and night, the sniffles will go away and stay away pronto! America, what a country!

September 26, 2016 (11:00PM) »» ADVANTAGE : HILLARY!
Just by remaining on her feet for more than 90 minutes, Hillary Clinton won the debate with her freak-flag flying high. Since her Sept. 11th collapse in New York, her candidacy has been bleeding profusely. Tonight, she managed to apply a fresh bandage to her electoral prospects - - - she's upright and fighting and back in the game! But if she disappears for several days, her physical resiliency will once again become a matter of pressing concern. The palsy or Parkinson's was evident in various facial ticks at about 9:50PM and became more aggressively pronounced between 10:15PM and 10:20PM. But for most of the debate, Trump was diffuse while Mrs. Clinton was focused.
Trump was the usual Trump - - - jumping all over the place and getting lost in the weeds. You've got to hand it to Hillary : she knows how to lie and go down with her ship of lies, if need be, without batting an eye. An average debater (Trump is sub-par by any measure) would have been able to easily expose her prevarications but Trump is all wrapped up in himself, as ever the blind egotist, sweating and sweating to get an irrelevant word in at all costs. Mrs. Clinton, tonight, may not have managed to appear likable but at least she managed to appear tolerable. Trump's incredulous glance kept darting in her direction the whole time. He seemed to be hoping for the physical collapse of his opponent but Hillary Clinton's medical staff was in top form tonight. Whatever Frankenstein concoction Mrs. Clinton took in the hours before 9:00PM, it kept her going until 10:35PM! BRAVO, Hillary! Risen from the political dead and back from the flim-flam grave! Try not to stumble, though, before November 8th, otherwise you'll find yourself falling right back in!

September 26, 2016 »» Seven Days in September . . .
For Hillary, it all began on September 5th with a 4-minute coughing jag and ended on September 11th with a complete collapse in the gutter of a city street : she was then thrown into a medical van with all the ceremony of a grocery store-clerk heaving a large sack of potatoes, and she losing her shoe in the process. You know she will be wearing a hairdo covering a small ear-piece, through which her aides will be feeding her scripted answers to the moderator's questions. She may even get the questions in advance from upstairs at NBC. But 90 minutes, without a break, is a long slog in her rapidly worsening physical condition.
watch those stairs DT
The diabolical cocktail of Faustian medication, injected and swallowed, which she is forced to undergo on a daily basis, until Election Day arrives on Nov. 8th, may not be able to keep her standing vertical or sitting upright before the clock strikes 10:30PM. She certainly won't turn into a pumpkin but will she zone out a little here and there or pass out totally or kiss the concrete and splatter, just like Newton's Apple, after having been dropped from a great height?

Did It Drive Him to Suicide?

Sept. 25, 2016 »» Anal Sex with Sheep or Oral Sex with Hillary . . .
The Internet is full of useless facts. Did you know that in ancient Wales there were two laws regarding the illicit possession of sheep? If one stole a neighbor's sheep,  you could be sentenced to have your hand cut off but if one were simply having carnal knowledge with your neighbor's sheep, you would stand to lose only a finger - - - but you had to perform anal sex on the sheep in public to earn the lesser penalty. Did Ted Cruz, in a similar frame of mind, agree to endorse Donald Trump?
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City
Did you know that Empress Hu of China often forced foreign diplomats to perform oral sex on her while fifty ladies of her court watched. If said foreign diplomats refused to perform oral sex on the Empress, they were first severely whipped and then permanently banned from court.
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City
Not Empress Hu.
Sometimes Empress Hu even went so far as to declare war on the country of a particularly prissy diplomat who had refused her favors. It was said that Empress Hu wound up declaring war on many countries because she was very old and very smelly and not prime dating material. In modern America, is this the reason most non-gay White men, who are not insane, are eager to declare their allegiance to Donald Trump rather than to Hillary Clinton?
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City
Just to clear things up : Lana Turner, who had a long-standing affair with Tyrone Power, was extremely skeptical about wide-spread rumors of his homosexuality. He fucked me every night for a year straight and never once even asked to suck my Dick, she reportedly said.
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City
Not Empress Hu.

Sept. 21, 2016 »» Dems to White Males : DROP DEAD, ASAP!
There is one number that portends quite ominously for Hillary Clinton in November : only 31% of White males, under the age of 35, expect to vote for her in November - - - and over the age of 35, the White male vote for Hillary is running at only 28%, sometimes even lower! These polling numbers spell doom on the 8th of November for Democrats from sea to shining sea.
Hillary needs to import as many pipe-bomb makers from Afghanistan as she can get her grubby little trembling hands on and get them good and registered, deep within the plush red leather-bound volumes of the voter-rolls - - - of course, in the place of the US entry-visa application, where the line says STATE OCCUPATION PLEASE, you are not supposed to write "pipe-bomb maker" but "refugee."
So then, if you do that, with a BIC® pen, you'll be in the clear and be waived right through every customs barrier in Newark and thereafter Catholic Charities of Hudson County will book you into a "decent" welfare hotel in Jersey City at the bargain basement rate of $3,000 per month, courtesy of the US Taxpayer!

Sept. 20, 2016 »» The Decrepit Barracuda Goes in for THE KILL!
- - - and NBC has her beating the Trumpster by five points if the election were to take place this very day! After getting through Saturday night, with the meme "ZOMBIE HILLARY" trending against her in a big way - - - the Miracle Drugs have kicked in for good and she's ready to rip the flesh off all every Trump shirt and tie ever made!
She even accused the Trumpster of being irresponsible, when he called the Chelsea bomb a bomb (the Seaside, NJ bomb failed to injure anyone, so it doesn't count and the Somali knife attack can't be used to tub-thump for gun control so fuhgett about it, Charlie Hebdo!). Along the way, THE DECREPIT BARRACUDA snagged the endorsement of dotty 92-yr. old George HW Bush who promises to teach that young wipper-snapper Al Capone Hillary Clinton how to get around the White House in a wheelchair and invade Iraq until you can't invade Iraq anymore!
Detective Club of
                                              Jersey City
THE DECREPIT BARRACUDA is really feeling her oats fish food Trump steak!  Hillary Clinton, back in the swing of things and BACK IN CRIME! The dripping scarlet on her lips isn't a shade of gloss or cherry cough medicine - - - but the real thing! Time to let one's inner barracuda swim free and use your lady fangs for fin-power!