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WASHINGTON, DC - - - NOV. 3, 2015. [From the editions of THE WASHINGTON POST] The Department of Veterans Affairs has suspended a relocation program used by two senior executives to obtain more than $400,000 in questionable moving expenses and moved to discipline the officials, a senior agency leader said Monday. Danny Pummill, acting undersecretary for benefits, told lawmakers on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee that VA is “doing a re­look at moving programs throughout the agency” and reconsidering how it promotes and transfers senior executives, “so everything is being done for the right reasons.” [Senior executives abused their positions to get plum jobs and perks, watchdog says] “We weren’t paying attention to everything we should have been paying attention to,” Pummill said. “We need to do a better job of that.” Congress is investigating the executives for allegedly abusing their positions to get plum jobs and perks, part of a pattern of unjustified moving incentives and transfers identified by VA’s watchdog. The committee subpoenaed Pummill, the executives and the two lower­ranking regional benefits managers they forced to accept job transfers against their will, according to investigators. But the executives, Diana Rubens and Kimberly Graves, refused to testify, telling the committee they were asserting their Fifth Amendment rights under the Constitution to protect themselves against self­incrimination. [Lawmakers demand answer from VA on “shockingly unethical misuse of funds" by executives] Rubens, director of the Philadelphia regional office for the Veterans Benefits Administration, and Graves, director of the St. Paul, Minn., regional office for the VBA, face possible criminal prosecution.

Pummill said their punishment for administrative misconduct will be one of the first cases handled under a new law that speeds up dismissals and other discipline against VA senior executives, who now have far fewer appeal rights than they once did. Pummill replaced Allison Hickey, who was forced to resign after the report by the inspector general’s office recommended VA take administrative action against her for poor oversight of the relocation program. [Relocation program for executives should be scrutinized across government, watchdog says] He declined to say what action the agency is taking against Rubens and Graves, who kept their salaries of $181,497 and $173,949, respectively, even though the new positions they took had less responsibility, overseeing a fraction of the employees at lower pay levels. Between salary increases and relocation expenses, the VBA spent $1.8 million to reassign 23 senior executives from fiscal 2013 to fiscal 2015, investigators found. In all but two cases, the new jobs came with pay raises, despite a White House­ imposed freeze on senior executives’ pay — and a widely publicized ban on bonuses stemming from a backlog of outstanding claims for disability benefits. “VA exists for veterans, not for itself or the unjust enrichment of its senior employees,” the committee’s chairman, Rep. Jeff Miller (R­Fla.), said of the scheme.

Acting inspector general Linda Halliday disclosed in September that Rubens and Graves “inappropriately used their positions of authority for personal and financial benefit” when they forced lower­ranking officials to transfer out of their positions and then filled the vacancies themselves. Pummill said the agency has suspended its relocation program pending a review of how effectively it’s being monitored. The program, run by the General Services Administration, pays private contractors a 27 percent fee to sell homes of senior executives who switch jobs. But it is supposed to be used only rarely for hard­to­fill jobs; Rubens and Graves sought out their new assignments. Linda Halliday told the committee that while VA should make multiple changes to its transfer and relocation programs for senior executives, the most critical change will be ensuring that those who abused the program are punished. “What about the culture change?” Rep. Dan Benishek (R­Mich.) asked Pummell. His response was candid. “It’s devastating that the senior leaders are not held as accountable as the lowest people in the organization,” he said, acknowledging VA’s persistent problems with morale. He said Sloan Gibson, the agency’s second in command, “understands that we have an accountability problem.” “We pay out of a lot of money,” Pummill said. “We have to be accountable to the Congress of the United States.”

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- President Abraham Lincoln(1861).

April 23, 2017 »» Emmanuel Macron is NOT GAY!
Emmanuel Macron did not marry his mother. Emmanuel Macron did not marry his eldest sister. It was a love match, plain and simple. Emmanuel Macron did not have his wife put away in an old age home and now takes her out for walks every other Thursday because fresh air helps stop wrinkles.
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Emmanuel Macron does not have a favorite gay bar. Emmanuel Macron does not take poppers nor does he snort short lines of synthetic heroin, purchased on a regular basis from the Nigerian gang in Le Cimetičre Parisien des Batignolles (17ḛ Est) on the rue Rebičre. Emmanuel Macron is not a hologram in a 3-D Disney movie that is dubbed in French and Italian on the same audio track. Emmanuel Macron believes that Third-World terrorists deserve to be confronted with patience and understanding.
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April 21, 2017 »» Le Campaign - - - c'est moi (Return to Hillary).
In 2008, Barack Obama was Black all the time and that was his only attribute. He got 53% of the vote on this basis and the Republicans lost 9 Senate seats, down to 40. The Dems managed to squeeze through ObamaCare in 2010. In 2012, Obama was still all Black but politically vulnerable. Mitt Romney chose to ignore Obama's Blackness and Obama's political vulnerability. Had Romney whipped up the White vote as Trump would in 2016, by campaigning against the ongoing Third-World immigration invasion, Romney would have had something of a puncher's chance - - - he would have gotten more than 47% of the overall vote, to say the very least. (In 2013, Romney endorsed the soi-disant Gang of 8, Senate Amnesty bill, proving him to be a true RINO in "conservative" clothing).

Hillary had every right to expect another losing effort from another dryball run-of-the-mill Republican like Romney; but instead Republican voters revolted out of deep disgust against McConnell and Boehner and picked a shady wild man for their candidate. Trump's main issue was the long-standing Third-World immigration disaster; and he never ceased to remind voters that Hillary should be frog-marched into a roving ambulance and fitted snugly for an orange jump-suit and an adult diaper between a sedated interval of Parkinson's seizures. The rest was history and a modern day political miracle had struck the United States like an electronic pulse-bomb. Black turnout plummeted by 22% and even though Hillary received 2.8 million more votes than Trump, these extra votes came in places like California, New York, and Illinois - - - where Illegal Aliens vote early and often, and where The Dead are always resurrected on Election Day by the Democrat party machine! Trump won 30 states, Hillary managed to eke out only 20. The racial transformation of the political life of the United States has been postponed for at least two years! Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! 

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2016 : Were Comey and Hillary Working for Putin?

Apr. 20, 2017 »» O'Reilly Calls Mellow Black Chick "Hot Chocolate."

Gets Mousetrapped

even Bowie would later admit that the lyric,
as sung, goes :
"this mellow Black Chick
just put my spine outta place!"
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Apr. 19, 2017 »» What Non-White Immigration Has Achieved in Argentina.
Gustavo Semeria chronicles, in minute and lapidary detail, what non-White immigration has done to Argentina.

His account of Argentina's transformation into a Third-World shit hole is both memorable and harrowing. For tomorrow's nightmare, CLICK HERE.

April 19, 2017 »» An Act of Political Genius?
As fresh evidence trickles in, it looks like THE TRUMPSTER has engaged in a little false flagging. At this stage of the game, there appears to be very little evidence that Assad bombed women and children with chemical weapons earlier this month. Just another false another false flag operation pulled off by our beloved Syrian "rebels" on the ground, making deadly mischief with glee and with a wink and a nod in the White House. Look at it this way : Trump couldn't send 59 tomahawks over to Capitol Hill in hopes of shutting up Maxine Waters or Charles Schumer - - - now, could he?
Ernest Hemingway & His Trusty Bull-Shit Detector!

April 18, 2017 »» Hey, Trump! We Can Beat Those Nork Guys!

March 11, 2017 »» Lefty Hysteria is a Full-Time Job.

The pants on fire reaction to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions' demand for the resignations of all remaining US District Atty. Generals is once again an instructive insight into the Lefty mindset. The Wall Street Marxist Media, by no means a contradiction, went into instant hysterics. It was, so it was said, another example of Trump The Barbarian at work! Lefties are quick to take offense but slow to recall. It has been conveniently forgotten that Bill Clinton demanded the resignations of all Republican US District Attorneys upon taking the oath of office on January 20, 1993.

Bill Clinton had many good reasons to clean house when he got to Washington in 1993. Since 1978 he had been governor of Arkansas with only a two-year break. He had received steady cash bribes for the drug smuggling operation at the Mena Airport and keeping knowledge of that operation on the down low had been a constant source of great worry for him. The bodies had piled up - - - dead men tell no tales! Mena’s cocaine supply had, in large measure, originated in Central America and the CIA had been the wellspring of this illicit trade. Clinton knew this very well and had no wish to entertain the arrant snooping from any hold-over Republican US Attorney, who might fancy tying Clinton’s Arkansas source of illicit income to an out-of-control or uncontrollable local, federal investigation, once it got into the Press. In firing all US District Attorneys so quickly, the new President was sending a message : let the dead stay buried deep!

Vince Forster would soon run afoul of the Clinton desire to keep the past hidden and forgotten. After making one last deposit of drug money in an understanding Swiss bank, the unfortunate Mr. Forster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park. The Clinton verdict was suicide. But there was just one big hitch : the soles of Forster shoes contained evidence of carpet fibers but not one particle of good old Fort Marcy dirt - - - definitely the sort of case that would’ve even puzzled Sherlock Holmes no end! But our 19th Century Holmes had never come across real 20th Century super wing-tipped shoes!

Side note : if Hillary had won the election the national murder rate would have increased by at least 25% and not just in Fort Marcy Park or Mena, Arkansas!

March 8, 2017 »» Part 463 : While You Were Sleeping . . .
Linwood "Woody" Kaine, 24, son of Hillary Clinton's erstwhile running mate, US Senator Tim Kaine (Jackass, Virginia), was arrested on March 4, 2017, along with four others, for 2nd degree riot in St. Paul, Minnesota.
"Woody" Kaine's lawyer has denied that his client set off a smoke bomb at the pro-Trump rally, which was disrupted by about 30 anarchists who shouted obscenities and who physically attacked some of the Trump-supporters present there.

March 8, 2017 »» Happy Halloween!

March 7, 2017 »» Grassy Knoll Redux? Trump vs. The CIA.

March 7, 2017 »» You Never Know Who're Going to Meet!
Remember all those marvelous old Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce B&W Sherlock Holmes movies? Most of them took place in London - - - a London that no longer exists. According to the most recent Census, London a city of 8.2 million people, is populated by only 44% "White British." The Black population is 1,090,000.

The Asian population (mostly from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan) is 1,500,000. Tuberculosis, after 1960, became extinct within the environs of London; but now it has made a roaring comeback. There are now a reported 2,400 TB cases in London and there are probably just as many unreported cases.

While still relatively rare, tuberculosis of the brain is being diagnosed with increasing frequency, turning its unfortunate sufferers into walking zombies. London's Third-World future has already arrived and this future is more and more a new multi-colored horror show than an old feel-good B&W Basil Rathbone flick!
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"Your Psychotic Breaks Will Continue, and even worsen, Unless You
Take the Pills I've Prescribed for You!"
said Maxine Waters' Doctor.

March 5, 2017 »» SNL to Whitey : Eat Shit & Die!

Except in one or two rare instances during the eight-years of American agony under the tutelage of Barry Obama, Saturday Night Live failed to poke fun at our god-like, brownish President. SNL is making up for lost time in a bigly way! Their latest painfully unfunny spoof of the Trump Administration has a Black maid giving a shit pie to a Forrest Gump/Jeff Sessions character, who is sitting on a bus-bench, bothering people with inane talk - - - just like in the anti-White film, The Help.

Now there's a knee-slapper! We all know the answer to this question : Why didn't SNL depict Pres. Barry as a money-grubbin' coyote, running drug cartel members across the Mexico/Texas border?

Now there's a brain teaser! Or how about a spoof of spaced-out Barry as Tony Montana - - - say hello to my little friend!? Or Barry as one of the more "flamboyant" cast members of The Boys in the Band? Hey SNL, can I get a witness?

Loretta Lynch Calls for Blood in the Streets!

March 4, 2017 »» The Gospel According to Trump : Obama is A Sicko!
At 5:30AM - - - while you should have been sleeping - - - the current occupant of the Executive Mansion in the District of Criminals tweeted® as follows : "How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones during the sacred election process? This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!" Looks like THE DONALD is trying to make BARRY O'BIMBO emerge from the shadows! This promises to be fun. Get out your stale popcorn, folks!
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WHAT A NUT! Next Trump Will Claim that Nancy Pelosi Tapped His Phones, Hoping to Hear Russian Accents!

March 3, 2017 »» So Many Illegals, So Little Time . . .
This week Daniela Vargas, a foreign national from Argentina and beautiful country where Yours Truly has friends and acquaintances, was arrested by ICE in Jackson, Mississippi. She was the star attraction at a news conference publicly staged by the "Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance." (She is here dubbed a "star attraction" because she attended  the Jackson, Mississippi Open Borders news conference dressed in the uniform of an American lesbian). Her lawyer, Abigail Peterson, claims that her client's First Amendment rights have been abridged. Ms. Peterson also claims that Daniela was singled out for ICE arrest because "Danny" is an obvious a lesbian.
Her client can easily practice her First Amendment rights by sending a whiny letter to the New York Times from the ICE lock-up; but if "Danny" Vargas is deported back to Argentina, she might want to lose the American lesbian outfit for the benefit of her own physical safety!

March 2, 2017 »» Mannix to the Rescue!
It's obvious that Trump or Sessions won't investigate themselves, seeing that they're both obvious Russian puppets and double agents!

The Democrats should hire Joe Mannix - - - he'll get the goods on those bent Republican bums!

The Democrats Open a Restaurant on Capitol Hill Where Jeff Sessions is Served Fresh!

March 2, 2017 »» The Democrats React!
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly called for the establishment of an office within ICE [to be called VOICE] that will act as a liaison with "known victims of crimes committed by removable aliens." Fox News, February 21, 2017.
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From Left to Right : Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Steny Hoyer.

March 1, 2017 »» Hillary Clinton's IQ Will Amaze & Astonish You!

Feb. 28, 2017 »» Fallout of Nov. 8, 2016.
Do you know that the Black turnout declined by 22% in 2016, across the nation, in comparison to 2012?

Trump got 34% of the Hispanic vote in 2016. George W. Bush received 38% of the Hispanic vote in 2004.

Mardi Gras, 2017 »» Break Up the GOOGLE® Monopoly!
According to today's editions of the Wall Street Journal, 93% of all search engine inquiries in the United States go through the Google search engine. Break up the GOOGLE® monopoly! Big hint to the FTC!