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I'm Gonna Get Me a Beer!
- Elizabeth Warren ("Being There," 2018).
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June 16, 2019 The New Muslim Age : France Doesn't Care Anymore . . .
Billions of euros for reclamation and restoration were promised in April by French industrialists, after Notre-Dame de Paris was damaged by fire - - - but not one French sou in assistance has yet to make its actual appearance. 4 Million Dollars has shown up from America donors to help begin clearing away the Notre-Dame wreckage before barebones restoration work can begin. The 4 Million smackeroos are probably from Racists (US Friends of Notre-Dame). This money would have been better spent helping disease-ridden Guatemalans jump the border at El Paso. American Racists have screwed-up priorities. When the bubonic plague crosses over from Honduras, that will be the signal to pony up Big Time in Los Angeles! The rats are not jumping ship, they are the ship.

May 17, 2019 Joe Biden for President!

May 17, 2019 Joe Biden for President!

May 3, 2019 And The Mayor Pugh Stinkbomb Award Goes To . . .
American Blacks are less than 15% of the US population but, in an average turnout year, they make up more than 35% of the overall Democrat vote. Two Black Democrat candidates for President are having big problems. Corey Booker (aka : Spartacus) is polling less than 1% and running out of money - - - he may even be excluded from party debates, which commence in June. He seems to be a political non-entity at the moment. Kamala Harris (aka : Ganja Girl) has time and again revealed her sub-standard IQ to the world in friendly interview after friendly interview. She remains mired in the polls at less than 8%. Black turnout was down by almost 6% in 2016, insuring a Trump victory.

Stacey Abrams, definitely no dope, knows this. Is Abrams considering a run for the big prize next year, now that Spartacus and Ganja Girl have crashed and burned in spectacular fashion?

April 30, 2019 Ole Joe Stumbles Out of the Starting Gate . . .
Throughout his 76 years of life, ex-Vice President Joe Biden has had more than his fair share of hair plugs, dental work, and face lifts. Socrates, all of seventy years of age, told the Athenian jury of 500, which had condemned him to drink hemlock, that said blood-thirsty jury was doing him a favor for hastening a natural end - - - that was bound to come soon enough.

It must be most fervently stated that our current American form of heavily modified Athenian democracy does not condemn Uncle Sam's used-up politicians to swallow hemlock when they have gone somewhat past their "sell-by" date! Stacey Abrams, why haven't you yet thrown your chapeau into the presidential ring? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you, yes you, Stacey! Woo, woo, woo!

April 27, 2019 All Alone By The Telephone . . . Melania-Trump-Birthday

Shakespeare's Birthday, 2019 Picked Up by the Border Patrol at Nogales.

Easter Day, 2019 Big Kate Lays Down A Big Time Curse!
Mere days after the New York Yankees Incorporated cast Kate Smith and "God Bless America" into outer darkness, Aaron Judge messes up his lower torso pretty bad, putting him on the shelf for at least eight weeks.

For those still wondering, Aaron Judge is a huge mulatto who was adopted at birth by a White couple. The bigger you are the more it hurts! Welcome to Kate Smith Hell, Yankee fans!

Apr. 19, 2019 Ntre-Dame Burns as Michelle Quaffs!
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April 19, 2019 After Mueller Gets Knocked Out of the Box . . .
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June, 1960 ( "THE TWILIGHT ZONE," S01, E35) : A Robot Pitcher Offers His
Services To the Hoboken Zephyrs, A Team that is 20 Games Out of 4th Place

April 16, 2019 Kamala Harris : Failure to Launch . . .
Stuck in the nether regions of the polls, lies the unloved candidacy of Kamala Harris and that is a surprise : she looked certain to be the favorite daughter of Black Democrat women everywhere before her Jamaican father disowned her when old Kamala too eagerly admitted, on the campaign trail, to being a heavy hop-head while in college. Yes, advancing through the corrupt layers of California politics as the showy "high-yellow" mistress of toad-like Willie Brown does leave its mark! There's an opening here.

Will "large-and-in-charge" Stacey Abrams see this gaping hole in the Dem universe and drive a coach and horses through it with enthusiastic glee?

April 15, 2019 It Has Been Said . . .
That Ntre Dame de Paris chose to commit suicide today and burn down rather than let herself be repurposed into a mosque 20 or 30 years hence. Malcolm Muggeridge and Kenneth Clark claimed that Ntre Dame was a sentient edifice with a perceptible soul.

Snipers tried and failed to assassinate de Gaulle in August of 1944, while the General was about to attend a mass there in celebration of the Liberation of Paris. Le Camp des Saints has made for sobering reading since 1973.

April 15, 2019 Another Message from The Ministry of Truth . . .
Former FBI Director James Comey insists that electronic surveillance is not spying. In 1963, J. Edgar Hoover told President Johnson that Lee Harvey Oswald's voice was not on the tape-recording of a man, supposing to be Oswald, made to the Soviet embassy in Mexico City, while Oswald was thought to have been in Mexico in 1963, trying to defect back to the Soviet Union by way of Cuba.

The recording was later lost in order to end all discussion over its genuineness as credible evidence, before it could be submitted to the Warren Commission for forensic examination.

April 13, 2019 Obama's Process of Enrichment is Now Called Dumping!
When the Obama Administration (2009-2017) forcibly injected millions upon millions of "wretched refuse" from the Third-World into White Republican neighborhoods, it was dubbed "Enrichment" by the lick-spittle Leninist press.

Now, when the evil Trump proposes to do the same thing to rich Democrats, it's called "Dumping." Look at yourselves in the mirror, Dems! It's not who we are! Even Lenin had a wall and bodyguards surrounding his inaccessible country dacha, located far outside the hustle and bustle of murderous Moscow. Here, in the current year, in the world's first Idea Nation, we're better than that!

April 10, 2019 A 33.3% Surtax on Overseas Remittances?
More than two years into the Trump Administration and it looks like, by the end of this year, the population of the United States will gain an extra 2 million illegals (border jumpers and visa over-stayers). There will be an election next year, so time is tight! Gaining currency with Steven Miller is the idea that overseas remittances should be surtaxed at 33.3% for those who cannot present a US Passport or Alien Registration card when wiring money out of the country. AOC and the Dems in the House will not tolerate such an new impost on their precious illegals, so the 33.3% surtax on overseas remittances can only be carried out by executive order. 9th Circuit, here we come - - - again!

April 1, 2019 Is There Still a Chance of Hillary Making A Comeback?

March 26, 2019 Jussie's Kind of Town : Chicago Is!

March 23, 2019 Oh, No! THE HORROR! THE HORROR!

March 22, 2019 Dem Political Consultants Hatch Another Bright Idea . . .
Kamasutra Harris has crashed and burned. Bobby Kennedy "Beto" is too busy eating dirt as a main course to devote his full attention to running for president. Biden campaign consultants have floated the notion of having "Kid Toucher" Joe designate Hattie McDaniel as his vice-presidential nominee before the Dem convention.

Old "Kid Toucher," who has gotten so much cosmetic surgery of late that he now looks communist Chinese, is seriously considering giving "Mammy" a call, even though she is dead.

March 13, 2019 Yes, It Can Be Done!
It bears repeating : when Matteo Salvini became Italian Interior Minister in June of last year, he immediately instituted a zero-tolerance policy towards all "refugee" shipping, trying to disembark upon Italian shores. As a result, in January and February of this year, the rate of the Third-World seaborne invasion of Italy had decreased by 98.5%!!! Compared to Salvini, Trump is a pathetic liar and a fraud. The White House and Congress were controlled by the GOP in 2017 and 2018, yet the Third-World invasion into this country increased during that time.

The Salvini method of refusing entry and sending "refugees" back where they came from, to swim with the barracudas and the sharks, has proven to be an effective deterrent against Third-World immigration in current-day Italy. With Trump, talk of immigration control is cheap, if not a damnable outright lie.

Mar. 12, 2019 I Have Become Jared Kushner, The Destroyer of Worlds . . .

March 12, 2019 The POC Swallows Swallow Pelosi Whole!
We have been told that the Rising Tide of Color (aka : the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965) will submerge and digest the Republican Party in short order. But before almost 2 million yearly legal and illegal Third-World immigrant entrants into the dis-United States of Third World Bus Station could kill off the clueless and dopey GOP pachyderms for good & all, the POC swallows have taken a big bite out of Nancy Pelosi. A little over two months on the job, a thoroughly confused House Speaker Pelosi has felt the urgency to declare Donald Trump immune from impeachment because "he's not worth it."

By taking impeachment of Trump off the proverbial table, old Nan thinks that she is asserting control and showing who's boss! But how long will it be before the young POC swallows cut bait with Pelosi and throw her, in one quivering piece, to the young and youngish POC sharks?

There's blood in the water, folks! Post-1965 America is going to be a blast! That ragged Old Glory - - - such as she is - - - is going to be very much in danger as that noble gonfalon is slashed and mangled into the form of a very messy heap of tattered ribbons!