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My Greatest Fear is, if North Korea Nukes Us,
Trump is Going to Get Us into a War!

- Maxine Waters.

October 19 2018 »» Democracy Dies in Darkness!

October 16, 2018 »» Only Credible One Time Out of a Thousand . . .
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October 13, 2018 »» Hispanics Don't Vote . . .
Hispanics, who were not a noticeable presence in this country, outside the southwest and New York City before 1965, have the Dem hacks worried. As registration deadlines fall across the nation, Hispanic would-be voters have failed to sign up for the voting rolls in order to help along this year's "Blue Wave." Next time, get Penelope Cruz out of mothballs to entice them. Although La Cruz is now up in years, she is by no means decrepit at the present time. It just might work in getting this invading, illegal & legal, demographic to the polls . . .

Oct. 10, 2018  »» What Do You Do When God Stops Being President?

October 7, 2018 »» What Dr. Blasey-Ford Might Do for An Encore . . .

October 6, 2018 »» Overdoing It . . .
What was the single moment - - - out of so many - - - which drove the crazed Democrat effort to torpedo Brett Kavanaugh over the proverbial cliff? It most likely was the rape room charge and "train" claim, made by the Stormy Daniels' Porn Lawyer client.

That's when the torrent of abuse from the Dems really got out of hand and went over into Netflix® Land, without any hope of returning to the Realm of Plausible Reality.

The Dems simply did not know when to stop and became, not mere soulless hack candidates running for election, but frothing mental cases, screaming to be let out of a rubber room, infested with purple vipers.

October 5, 2018 »» Now They're Roaming the Halls . . .
The Republican hackery is now paying the price for not backing Trump in 2016 and 2017. Rabid Dem operatives (mostly young women) roamed the halls of the US Senate yesterday and verbally assaulted decrepit GOP senators who will be voting for Kavanaugh today and tomorrow. These selfsame senators thought that the Lefty mob only hated Trump and only wanted to do him harm. Such is dangerous delusion in the DC swamp and in the diseased mindset of its irretrievably corrupt denizens. For Republican politicians, it only promises to get worse if they don't find a backbone or manage to buy one. 

October 4, 2018 »» A Young & Apparently Sober Brett Kavanaugh . . .
was a Deep State operative, according to an old reporter for the Daily Telegraph. Anyway, young Brett seems to have had a fondness for intimating witnesses, who had vital information about a famous Clinton murder. Brett seems to have been the kind of guy who liked scare you shitless in the Grand Jury room, given the chance. CLICK HERE for more info.