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November 22, 2011 » 2008 + 2011 = More of the Same!
Remember Bernie Madoff? I'm sure you do, but I'm also sure it is for the wrong reason! He was the only bigwig from the Wall Street scandals of 2008 to wind up in an orange jumpsuit. Every other crook there contributed to Obama's presidential campaign and got a Stay-Out-of-Jail card or, better yet, a job in the new administration (Goldman-Sachs always preferred!). It seems poor Bernie was the only one to be caught & jugged!
DT CLUB - - - Birds of a Feather
According to the big Lefty Media : Republicans Always Bad, Democrats Usually Good! That explains why John Corzine is still as free as a bird even after committing blatant embezzlement! If you're a Democrat in fine standing, you can't be indicted. That's why they call it public service (go on, serve yourself & slip a few thou' to the prosecutors while you're at it!).

Nov. 22, 2011 » Newt Gingrich : The Next Place Holder?
Newt Gingrich is "surging" in the polls - - - that means he is getting all of 15%. But these polls were taken before it became common knowledge that he took almost $2 million from Freddie Mac for lobbying work on Capitol Hill (for pushing crap mortgages, which would wind up being eaten by the federal taxpayer). Taking such dirty money and boasting about it afterwards should be the Kiss of Death, even for a shameless CONservative like Gingrich. Gingrich, a big proponent of racial preferences for Blacks, who, as a bloc, voted for John McCain to the tune of 3% in 2008 (43% of Whites voted for Obama), and Amnesty for Illegal Aliens (he is also happy to be seen fraternizing with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi). Gingrich is quite the tireless motormouth & is capable of saying practically anything at anytime when he thinks it will be to his advantage, which, for the Newtie, is 24/7!

Harold Stassen had his moment in the sun when he gave Tom Dewey a close run for the Republican presidential nomination in 1948 but faded before the convention (Stassen, until he dropped dead in 2001, while wearing an incredibly bad toupee that made 3 dead squirrels proud, would become a perpetual candidate for President, and an all-purpose political joke who became a shameless fool in his own right, like Newt). That Gingrich actually managed to achieve 15% in the polls before he said something incredibly stupid is, for him, a tremendous accomplishment! He claims he talked to anyone who would listen at Freddie Mac to stop doing what they were doing, i. e. giving mortgages to people who couldn't afford to make the monthly payments! - - - hey, an inebriated bum near a garbage can on a dead-end street would have told Freddie Mac much the same thing and charged a lot less than $1.8 million for giving such advice! But that's our Newtie : his yap never stops moving, always in hyper speed! He stopped making sense a long, long time ago but the cameras just keep on rolling!

November 21, 2011 » RiRi Joins the Super Committee . . .
And Not a Moment Too Soon!
The other night Rihanna showed up on UK TeeVee to sing her latest mega hit. But she pulled a fast one on the censors : painted on one shoe was the word FUCK, and on the other, the word OFF - - - but please permit us, we, the true Rihanna fans, to soberly consider, when all is said and done, and to assess (doesn't Rihanna have a great ass, thought!) where the truly horrible aberrant behavior, in this world, really lies. Smoking-hot entertainers from Barbados, who have a deep psychotic need for attention, while holding a contrary repugnance for mobbing fans and voyeuristic photographers, are not the only candidates for a little head-shrinking! Old, White politicians from Washington also seem to have an inordinate love of the limelight, while displaying a virulent detestation for the native intelligence of the voting public. The Super Committee? Wow, that was one sick joke which went on for all of 3 months too long!

Nov. 20, 2011 » Calling Dr. Freud, Again!
For those who have been searching diligently to find what extreme mental illness looks like in early 21st Century America, here is a prime example :


In fact, I might add, it is as truly a breath-taking example of complete madness as I have ever witnessed & I have seen some whoppers in my time! CLICK HERE, even at the risk of letting her out of her cage . . .

Nov. 19, 2011 » Reasons to be Grumpy (Just Look at Texas) . . .
Rick Perry is flummoxed. But that's not news : Rick Perry is always flummoxed! He thought he was running for President on the "successful record" of his ten years as Governor of Texas. There is ample evidence to the contrary. To cite but one example : Whites in Texas made up only 35% of all live births in Perry's state last year! That is good news only if you are running in the Democrat primary! That means Texas is really California, circa 1985, and a sneak preview of the shape of positively awful things to come (Example : East LA with bells on!) - - - and the ending of that movie was perpetually guaranteed to be a full-blown horror show, packed chock-a-block with blood, gore, and bankruptcy! Hey, earth to Rick : standing idly by while your home state turns into a Third World shithole on roller skates is not a good thing!

November 18, 2011 » Part 463 : The (Always) Rolling Amnesty.
In August, the President signed an illegal executive order which, in effect, granted Amnesty to more than 300,000 Illegal Aliens awaiting deportation. Needless to say, Congress had never granted any US President this authority by the passage of actual legislation and Republican "leaders," in the House of Representatives, did absolutely nothing to stop him. This act of grotesque legerdemain was nothing short of a clear-cut impeachable offense as you will ever see (as was the predictable Republican lack of reaction). Seeing his way forward, the President, through the Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency, has directed that future Illegal Aliens, who have had the extreme misfortune to have been arrested by federal agents since August, will henceforth be immediately released and certainly not deported (that would be wrong, so wrong!). It seems that "low priority cases [Illegal Aliens]" would clog the federal courts by dint of their mere physical presence! The only question remaining is how long Republican "leaders" in the House will continue to sit or their hands and continue to look the other way . . .

Newt Gingrich, September 2008 » » » "I think Senator McCain should have turned and said, 'Senator Obama, are you prepared to give back all the money that Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae gave to you? Are you prepared to fire your housing adviser, who was paid $90 million over 6 years while helping ruin Fannie Mae? Are you prepared to fire your adviser, who was the former head of Fannie Mae, Mr. Johnson? Are you prepared to disassociate yourself from Chris Dodd, who is the highest ranking recipient of money from Fannie Mae, and who by the way, you know, was also getting a below-market loan from Countrywide before they went broke?'"

November 16, 2011 » The GOP Farce Continues . . .
According to press reports, that have just come to light this morning, Newt Gingrich received payments of approximately $1.8 million for "giving historical advice" to Freddie Mac. It seems he told anybody at the place, who would listen, that giving mortgages to people who couldn't afford to shoulder the monthly payments was a really bad idea! No shit, Sherlock! Hey, I'm a first-class historian when it comes to the decipherable antediluvian chronicles of how to get smoother bowel movements and on the many ways to use Cro-Magnon toilet paper more efficiently! But I can't find a business partner who will lend me even a dime to back up my expert knowledge! What gives?

November 16, 2011 » Which is Worse?
J. Edgar or 11/22/63? Having read 11/22/63 (Jack Kennedy is saved, gets reelected, but the Vietnam War he pushes the country into is such a flop, George Wallace becomes President in 1968!), but having not seen Eastwood's film, the novel wins my vote by default. I'm told there is nothing in the movie about Hoover's bullying attempts (in front of the Warren Commission) to cover up Lee Harvey Oswald's "dealings" with FBI agents before Dallas. So perhaps the movie is worse than Stephen King's travesty of an historical novel (hard to imagine!). For the sake of truth, Kennedy was planning to pull US forces out of South Vietnam by the end of 1965 (but LBJ went in quite an opposite direction - - - immediately after Dallas, he started a build-up).

November 16, 2011 » The Corpse Light . . .
Before the White race completely dies out in the United States, many political careers will be absolutely smothered in its smoldering embers : as has already been throughly discussed in these pages, the only White voters, on whom Obama can count on in 2012, are those Whites who work for federal & state government (civil service) or those Whites who profit from federal & state government (contracts). Any White who is not securely nestled at government's free-flowing tit is a most unlikely Obama voter, unless he or she is a guilty-minded masochist or on the way to or from an insane asylum. The latest CNN poll puts the President's "White" approval rating at 36%. If, on Election Day 2012, Obama has below a 40% approval rating with Whites, he will come out a certain loser when the last ballot is racked up in Honolulu. The ways things are going, even Mickey Mouse will be able to beat him, even if Disney's famous rodent runs as a Republican - - - and this just might happen! The only hope(s) for Obama on the horizon? A strong conservative Third Party candidate to do what Perot did in 1992 or flash mobs that practice wholesale violence, which would cause the polls to close in White neighborhoods, or electronic black box voting that could go horribly "wrong" in favor of our once beloved but now bedraggled Mocha Messiah.

Nov. 15, 2011 » Stop Torturing Yourself for No Good Reason!
Unless you are a Gay man who owns a hair dresser's shop you have not reason to subscribe to Dominican Beauty Parlor Weekly, unless you are a member of an organized crime group who is in charge of laundering drug money through front companies. In the same vein, unless you are a full-blown Marxist, you have no call to read the New York Times on a daily basis.

Nov. 14, 2011 » The Random Thoughts of Barack Hussein Obama (Part 463).
Racism in federal hiring is OK when it comes to Whites . . . They deserve it . . .

November 13, 2011 » Not Giving a Damn . . .

There is currently a big folderol going on in British politics over immigration policy.  It seems that, 18 months after the Conservative/Liberal alliance took power, the new government has been carrying out the old government’s policy regarding passport control and tourist entry into the United Kingdom (or lack thereof).  Just as Labour had a policy of Open Borders, starting in 2007, in which foreign passport holders who sought temporary entry into the UK were not scrutinized, this selfsame policy has been carried over, without a hitch, by the new Conservative/Liberal alliance and so much so that the “new” policy can scarcely be distinguished from the old.  Just think, 18 months down the drain in which a complete overhaul of the old Labour immigration policy could have been thoroughly accomplished!  The fact that it will take another 18 months to untangle this everlasting mess, to the point where the United Kingdom might actually have a system in which foreign passport holders might actually be questioned and checked at the borders of Great Britain, leads one to wonder why the politicians in Whitehall scarcely bother to pretend to have a coherent immigration policy at all! By the time this mess is cleaned up, it will be time for a new election; and the Conservative/Liberal alliance will be able to claim a job well done when they face the voters!  Who said politics was strictly for cynics?! What once would have been called treason is nowadays regarded with absolute indifference. Such is generally the downcast state of the collapsing Western world . . .

November 12, 2011 » Watching & Waiting . . .
The "final" sentencing of Tony Rezko has again been delayed, pursuant to the request of federal prosecutors, until November 22, 2011. The date is highly suggestive, in a sorta Dallas, kinda 1963 way. We will refrain from making jokes for the time being. Another postponement is certainly not out of the question (Mr. Rezko just might serve his entire time in prison without ever having actually been sentenced by his trial judge!). Obama might not really be Jesus, but he just might turn out to be a guardian angel after all is said & done! Hey, that's the Chicago way!

Nov. 12, 2011 » A Message from the Old Country . . .
An old Italian woman once told me : When a corrupt government official tells you to go in one direction, make sure that you travel in the opposite direction - - - fast!

Nov. 12, 2011 » Georgie & Jerry Did It for the Children . . .
Remember, the next time a US President takes us off to war for the Socialist billionaires on Wall Street, generals in the Pentagon, the politicians running for reëlection in Israel, etc., that all he's really doing is pulling a Sandusky on a grand scale. What George W. Bush perpetrated in March of 2003 was an international war crime that makes the grotesque perversions that took place in the shower stalls of Penn State pale into insignificance after all the bodies were blown to bits and all the buildings were destroyed in countries which never laid a hand on us and each piece of kindling is racked up and thrown on a bonfire of lies.

Nov. 10, 2011 » A Friend of the Devil is a Friend of Mine.
George Kaiser has been caught in a lie in the Solyndra swindle. Things are getting tough all over. In the good, old days, if you paid off the right public officials, you could get a politician to lie for you for relatively very little cash in an envelope, delivered by a go-between. It seems that paying Obama 2008 $50,000 in order to get back $500,000,000 from the taxpayers just won't cut it in 2011. A crooked buck doesn't go as far as it used to!

Nov. 10, 2011 » 17 Million More Reasons for the Plastic Man . . .
After the collapse of the "dot.com" swindle on Wall Street in 2000, the finance con-men there soon chanced upon paper derivatives & default-credit swaps. They ran this wheeze from 2002 through 2008, until Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac were nationalized by the US Treasury and their dud paper was bought up & redeemed by the Federal Reserve Bank (a private banking cartel controlled exclusively by Wall Street speculators). When you have a parasite economy backed by fiat money, the country is nothing more than a glorious Potemkin Village that buys real merchandise on the cuff.

(Save time & scroll down to Oct. 12) . . . so it is with Rick Perry. Business interests, that use foreign, peon labor and get sweet-heart government-contract deals from the state of Texas, decided it would be just peachy-keen if they could hide behind Rick Perry and bankroll him all the way to the White House. Why, just think of it - - - they could rape and loot the other 49 states in the union at will! Forgetting about last night's pathetic meltdown (admittedly, an impossible thing to do!), Rick Perry has about as much chance of becoming President as a one-eared tabby cat! But there is still money to made out of Rick Perry by moth-eaten hacks, otherwise known as "consultants" and "lobbyists," who will grab as much as they can in campaign cash before their phony "candidate" completely goes up in smoke! The only question that remains is how long they can keep the artificial stuffing inside the outside covering which is stretched tightly over the chipping veneer of their chosen Plastic Man. Mitt Romney does plastic better than anybody who is now semi-alive! The Perry people should take notes! First Step : start having their "candidate" use more hair spray, so his brains won't fall out!

November 9, 2011 » The Go-Between . . .
The dead-sure tipoff that the Obama Administration would be a very corrupt one was the appointment of Eric Holder as US Attorney General (the mob needs to bury bodies, so the mob needs to have the coroner working out of its pocket). Why wouldn't Eric Holder want to let the ATF keep running guns to Mexico (they were doing the very same thing while GW Bush was President! - - - after all, there was already an established business relationship between ATF and the cartels, so shutting it down might cause problems [Jack Kennedy tried to shut down the CIA's paramilitary Operation Mongoose, "training" in Louisiana and Florida, an altogether well-oiled, all-purpose, off-the-books bootleg that was staffed with Cuban hitmen & their Mafia masters, as he attempted to do, completely and without warning in early 1963 - - - the poor guy wouldn't live to light the White House Christmas tree!]). What do you expect from a former bagman for Marc Rich? Religious integrity?! By the way, isn't it a perfect scream, simply hilarious, how Holder, when he opens his mouth, sounds just like Mr. Peepers! Yeah! - - - Mr. Peepers with a shank!
Marc Rich

November 7, 2011 » Barack Obama Will Coast to Reëlection . . .
There is no political tableau vivant more unintentionally hilarious than Bill O'Reilly having a nervous breakdown on TeeVee as Sting's Love is the Seventh Wave plays softly in the background!

Nov. 5, 2011 » Old Numbers Never Die, They Don't Even Fade Away!DT CLUB
In the June 2, 1984 issue of Time magazine, it was estimated that 12 million illegal aliens were residing in the United States. According to the Lefty press, there are still 12 million illegal aliens residing in the United States in 2011. This means that every time an illegal aliens dies, another illegal alien sneaks across the border or overstays his tourist visa and takes the dead illegal alien's place! This is sort of like the Edgar Rice Burroughs version of Hell : every time a monkey rings a bell, Tarzan is forced to jump into a lagoon filled with water moccasins and swim all the way to the source of the Nile before he can swim back - - - and then the same monkey rings the same bell and the whole process regenerates itself all over again . . .

November 5, 2011 » The Meaningless Campaign.
After the coup d'etat of November 22, 1963, in the presidential race of 1964, Vietnam was only mentioned by the Johnson campaign as a cudgel with which to beat the pants off Goldwater. The supreme irony was that in the Spring of 1965 US military personnel were heavily injected into South Vietnam and bombing raids against the North were initiated on a steady basis (Westmoreland's "search & destroy" ground operations would start later that same year). The 1968 campaign was predicated on the Democrats' abject failure in Vietnam (LBJ dropped out of the race after Eugene McCarthy's surprise showing in the New Hampshire primary in March). Johnson's VP, Hubert Humphrey would poll only 43% against Nixon and Wallace in November. On our way out the Vietnamese door, in 1972, Nixon got 61% of the popular vote. In 1976 Vietnam was a nightmare, best forgotten : the ramifications of Watergate was all the rage and all the talk in the race between Carter and Ford.

September 11, 2001 is the near-bookend of the pernicious black government operations which came to first fruition on November 22, 1963. Simply put, September 11, 2001 was the day the constitution died. The 2004 campaign was all about "staying the course" in occupying Iraq after the unprovoked American invasion (the Democrat candidate promised to increase "boots on the ground" in Iraq, proving only that George W. Bush didn't have a monopoly on Stupid). The 2008 campaign was all about Jesus, miracles, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, and wouldn't it be nice if we elected Morgan Freeman to be President for 4 years, not just 2 hours, just like in the movies! That the hardest Marxist in the US Senate was given the Keys to the Kingdom, so to speak, wasn't even an after-thought at the time - - - fancy that!

You would think that, four full years after this country's insane electoral recreation of Moses Among the Bulrushes, would leave us in a far more sober and much more experienced frame of mind. But there are many reasons for which a country, on the permanent downslide, is condemned to pay the ultimate price of dissolution : the paramount cause being suicidal self-deception. It is simply not enough to change the faces of political leadership in order to effect a change of course; it is essentially required that an uprooting of an ancient political super-structure be throughly accomplished, taproot and branch. But that does not seem to promise to be in the cards for 2012. The current theme is "Obama made things worse," not that Obama refused to confront painful realities; and realities certainly shall come right up to us & bite us on the nose, as realities always do, and when they do, they will chomp down very hard and leave very deep marks . . .

November 4, 2011 » Money, Not Well Spent.
John Connally, a one-time Governor of Texas, wound up spending 11 million dollars in the 1980 Republican presidential primaries. He got one measly delegate when all was said & done - - - that's right just one - - - the 11 million dollar man was what Connally's delegate was called! With 17 million to throw around, Rick Perry just might beat Connally's record (we have been told that Austin's favorite bi-sexual is very fond of good wine, both before & after - - - hey, go easy, Rick, that's my backdoor you're swinging roughly on the hinges!).
In a Previous Life, Was Rick Perry a . . .

November 3, 2011 » House Negroes.
Why are White talk-show "conservatives," like Limbaugh & Hannity, et al., sticking up for Herman Cain in such a vehement and creepy fashion? It seems to come with the job description. Just because Colin Powell and Condi Rice were affirmative action Blacks of painfully modest ability, who, by no accident of design, were continually on showcase as well funneled into pride of place by Republican Party sachems, they were automatically and steadfastly dubbed " accomplished Black conservatives" in a sort of a nouveau master/servant type of perverted relationship (Powell wound of endorsing Spendalicious in 2008; Rice was a "Russia expert" who could speak no Russian & understood it even less - - - in comparison, Lee Harvey Oswald was a scholar and a gentleman when it came to knowing all about the Soviet Union, thanks to being in the pay of the Office of Naval Intelligence!). So it is with the latest household pet, Herman Cain. Hey, we got one of those, so you can't call us racists! When you always play defense and nothing but defense, you are guaranteed to lose, pachyderms. Case closed.
Who Says I Don't Know Russian! I Got 90% in Shampoo Before
They Let Me into the Siberian East Palo Alto Polar Bear Club!!!

Nov. 2, 2011 » Show Us the Microfilm!

The current incumbent in the White House, who is little more than something of a minor-league poseur, has been finagling his birth certificate for almost 4 years now.  At first he refused to release it.  With the help of the Lefty press, anyone who questioned his unaccountable reticence on the matter was mercilessly ridiculed or labeled a vile racist.  But facing the prospect of having to produce some sort of document in order to get on 2012 Election Day ballot in most states, the White House came up with an arrant forgery in April of this year.  That it was an appallingly bad forgery was of no matter.  The fact that the President of the United States claimed that it was a genuine birth certificate would just have to do and that made it good enough for the Generally Dumb Public, so there!  But when one releases a forgery, expect that forgery to be picked apart and then challenged for its want of veracity.  Obama, no longer being the true Messiah or even a Sunday-school Jesus turning wine into cappuccino, now finds himself in an unenviable predicament.  The folderol over his lack of a birth certificate will simply carry on until he leaves office.  There is not much he can do but continue to pathetically prevaricate.  How fitting it is for the triple-plated phony to be caught with extremely phony papers!  For more info, CLICK HERE.

November 1, 2011 » Let Them Eat Press Releases!
When did it all start? With the Warren Commission? With the 911 Commission? It seems that all government blowhards think they have to do is go out & hire idiotic subordinates who will then immediately spin a thin tissue of lies on behalf of their bosses, then feed it to the dopey special pets in the Lefty media who, acting as nothing more than glorified Zombie typists, then feed the government lies to the TeeVee watching public, who, in turn, are expected to swallow the most outrageous falsehoods whole and without doubt or question! Last week's sick circus of European "leaders saving the Euro" is but the latest example of a failed attempt to turn pathetic fantasy into hard reality (the € bond markets in Germany & France are now in a state of absolute panic!). Nice try, thieves & knaves! Ah, government not by decisive action, but inevitably by mealy-mouthed press release! It always fails each & every time - - - the threadbare nature of repeated, laughable attempts to rule through worthless paper money and misdirected drone strikes is forever guaranteed to end in tears!

dt club
John Corzine has a New Girlfriend . . .
Yesterday in Athens . . .
Another Bank Run on the Euro . . .
(Not Too Many Broken Windows Reported).

Halloween, 2011 » Do We Have an
Orange Jumpsuit that Fits John Corzine?
He achieved national prominence when he fucked up the entire state of New Jersey over a period of
four years (2004-2009). Now he has gone on to fuck up something new, on Wall Street (ex-Goldman Sachs guy, it figures!). This morning the New York Fed has put him out of business for good - - - and not a moment too soon!

Halloween, 2011 » Wanted? The Angriest
Black Woman in the Whole Wide World . . .
She became one of the top 1%, in 2005, when she was given an absolutely useless, obscenely paid affirmative action job after her husband became US Senator for Illinois. She is looking for an all-Black flash mob to join tonight, somewhere in an "integrated" neighborhood near you. If you are White, she is looking to throw an egg at you before she calls in for a drone strike.

October 30, 2011 » Romney vs. Obama . . .
Does it take a fresh automaton to beat a worn-out automaton? If that is the case, it is going to be a long and dreary twelve months.
Auto Duck DT CLUB

October 27, 2011 » Oh, No! - - - (Part 463).
If the "super" committee has its way, more than $60 billion will be cut from the military, starting in 2013. That means US borders would go unguarded! Mexican nationals will then be able to cross our southern border on a massive scale and stay without having to show papers! Drug running will increase & explode! The ATF will be tempted to sell guns to the cartels . . . oh, wait - - - how about dogs and cats living together in sin and debauchery? That could likely happen if the federal government doesn't have enough money to function properly!

Oct. 27, 2011 » Hope & Change Means Dope & Mange.
Yesterday, on the campaign trail, the President promised in his second term that he would address the needs of a special group of Americans : I will make it a high priority and insure, in my second term, that Americans suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome will no longer be denied housing, a job, or medical treatment. So today I am taking the first step. As Commander-in-Chief I have signed an executive order mandating that every new enlistee into the United States Armed Forces, who suffers from Restless Leg Syndrome, will be immediately assigned to a nuclear weapons silo. No longer can a person suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome be called "trigger-happy" with a straight face. It is time to stand up America, on your restless leg, and be proud!
It's going to be a long and dreary 12 months until Election Day 2012 comes around . . .

October 26, 2011 » Freedom of Speech USA (Circa 2011).
The Haters of Hatred passionately believe in the absolute righteousness of their cause and they will break your nose and kick in your teeth to prove, beyond all doubt, the sincerity of their Good Intentions and their profound disagreement with your vile & hateful language!

October 26, 2011 » The World's Oldest Bank.
According to today's Wall Street Journal, the world's oldest bank, the Banca Monte of Siena (founded in the 13th Century) is on the verge of bankruptcy. If you are Italian, you can say that your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, etc. (that would be going back approximately 36 generations) grandfather had an account there. But you know what that say : over time, things change; the Banca Monte of Siena is not even your father's bank these days! Not even your great, great, great, great, great . . . (oh, the hell with it!).

October 25, 2011 » The Unwild One.
Mildred : Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?
The Wild One : Whadda ya got?

Tea Party : Hey Mitt, what are your political convictions?
Mitt Romney : Vague, very vague.

Angela Merkle Likes to Drink Orange Juice . . .
She Would Never Let Her Lips Touch Piss!

Oct. 25, 2011 » Land of the Freaks, Home of the Slaves . . .
Did George Washington order General Cornwallis be sodomized after the British forces surrendered to him at Yorktown? Just asking! For Prez Barry what happened to Libya's ex-dictator represents "progress in human rights!" Bend over, people of the planet, this won't hurt a bit! Truly, a new meaning to "the world turned upside-down!"
Yorktown, 1781 : Surrender First, Sodomy Later?

Oct. 24, 2011 » On the Streets Where They Live . . .
With about every large city in the United States going bankrupt or on the verge, how is it that Washington, DC and New York seem to remain prosperous despite a national economy in a very poor condition? Now let's see : one has K Street, the other has Wall Street - - - two problems solved!

Oct. 23, 2011 » The Spirit of 1856.
If Mitt Romney is the best that Republicans can do, perhaps now is the time to go Third Party! The new Republican Party was in no mood to compromise in 1856. End Result? - - - they went on to win almost all the time for 68 years running (1860-1928)! Isn't high time that Republicans started to realize that Mitt Romney couldn't lead a bunch of 6 yr.-olds to an unlocked ice cream truck on a 90-degree day in July?!

Oct. 23, 2011 » You Won't Read This in the New York Times!
One wag has recently commented that the "extreme" diversity of the personnel of the Obama Administration is a mirror-reflection of the one-sided, racial diversity found in the prison population of the United States.

Oct. 21, 2011 » Mr. President, Dr. Freud is on the Line for You . . .
At the end of the 19th Century, a novelist remarked in passing, in his most famous book (Dracula), that seemingly harmless mental patients were just "undeveloped homicidal maniacs." This telling observation might also apply to corrupt American politicians more than one hundred years later.

October 20, 2011 » The (Republican) State of Play . . .

Way back, in the halcyon days of August, when Rick Perry had just joined the competition for the Republican presidential sweepstakes, and when it appeared, in those very heady days for “Slick Rick,” that he was the unquestioned front runner, Mitt Romney was beside himself with terror and panic.  As time went on, however, the candidacy of Rick Perry would crash to earth.  Signing an executive order for "sex" vaccinations for 12-year-old girls obviously didn’t help his chances, but what hurt his candidacy most of all was his obvious enthusiasm for Open Borders.  Mitt Romney simply had to take one step to the side of the political circus and watch as Rick Perry committed civic suicide in this series of debates in which he tried to defend the indefensible!  The low moment, being of course, Perry’s utterance that those who would deny illegal aliens a college education at favorable rates, always subsidized by the Texas taxpayer, were “heartless.”

Rick Perry was so, so bad as a candidate he made Mitt Romney look good -- -- -- a seeming impossibility!  But those glory days of easy pickings are about to come to an end for Mitt Romney.  In the final analysis, Rick Perry may have done the candidacy of Mitt Romney one favor too many.  After Romney does well in Iowa and coasts to victory in New Hampshire, Perry may win one or two southern states but he is political dogmeat in the Midwest and East; there is simply no path open for him to the nomination : and  the brief few weeks in which Perry was the front runner effectively boxed out a minor candidate, like Bachman, from reaching the front rank of the horse race.  The consequence of these weird and temporary circumstances will probably mean that Romney can get enough delegates to lock down the nomination, much in the same way that McCain did in 2008 with a minority of Republican votes.  But this weakens Romney’s chances in the general election, simply because, as McCain repelled the Republican base, so could Romney next year.

The 2012 probably won’t play out like 2008.  Four years ago, Republicans had resigned themselves to losing.  After eight years of George W. Bush the fight had gone completely out of the pachyderm heart.  But Barack Obama is a goad to action.  Many Republicans would rather vote for a third-party conservative than stay home.  In short, they will not consent to four more years of Obama by sitting on their hands.  And we know what a third-party candidacy will mean in 2012.  It would be a replay of the Perot effect : the Democrat would waltz into the White House with 43% of the vote.  But the positive and ultimate outcome could be favorable in the long run : a new conservative party would replace the old Republican Party, which has been around for far too long and become far too corrupt.  Out of the ashes of the bad, old ways might just rise the unspotted phoenix.  Then, Barack Obama might’ve done some good after all!

Oct. 20, 2011 » What We Need in This
Country is a Set of Big Brass Ones . . .
Heard in the corridors of Westminster : Tell me, why is it that the British people have had only one Prime Minister, since Churchill left office, who had a full pair of balls and that person turned out to be a woman?

Oct. 19, 2011 » Rick Perry : The Pleather Conservative . . .
. . . that's what one distinguished Clubber calls him. Hey, I like it! But he only gets an imaginary prize because Rick Perry is merely an imaginary candidate (don't put that Texas wax dummy out in the bright noonday sun - - - he'll just wind up melting all over the border where Laredo ends & Mexico begins!).
Pleather, Pleather Everywhere!

October 19, 2011 » Time to Retreat?
In October of 1963, President Kennedy and his Secretary of Defense, Robert Strange McNamara had long and intense discussions over the necessity of a gradual military retreat from South Vietnam, which would lead to a complete withdrawal of all US forces after the 1964 presidential election. At his last press conference, Kennedy announced the first withdrawal of 1,000 military "support" personnel in furtherance of this secret policy. But, after Nov. 22, 1963, Lyndon Johnson, the new President, rescinded his predecessor's order.
Hold the Phone!
Robert Strange McNamara.

Which brings us to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign at the moment. There are no VC in the bushes, ready to storm Saigon - - - and therefore no need to push the panic button. Rick Perry is a spent force, if he ever was a force to contend with! The corny-capitalist, open-borders Governor of Texas was only a "serious" candidate in the eyes of the Lefty media (perhaps because Obama is corny-capitalist & an open-borders fanatic, so then Rich Perry must be doing all the right things!). When "Slick Rick" showed his true plumage to the conservative base of the Republican Party, he was met was shock & dismay and copious disgust! Message to Mitt : the Viet Cong were for real - - - Rick Perry has nothing but a popgun loaded with dud ammunition, and the only Bush he is hiding behind is called George W.!

P.P.S : After agreeing with Kennedy, in October 1963, that a complete pullout from South Vietnam in 1965 would be the best policy course to pursue, McNamara egged on warhawk Lyndon Johnson just to keep his sorry job! . . . you know what they say about politicians, they don't care who lives & who dies!

October 18, 2011 » Demented.
Remember a few months ago when Liliane Bettencourt, "the richest woman in France," asked that her taxes be raised? Madame Bettencourt stands atop the €20 billion L'Oréal cosmetics empire. Well, a judge in Courbevoie has ruled that she is suffering from dementia and has placed her financial affairs exclusively in the hands of her estranged daughter and her two grandsons. All this begs the question : what is the status of Warren Buffet's mental health these days?

These days the British have learnt almost to revel in failure. They buy volumes with titles like the “Book of Heroic Failures” in large numbers. It is quite common for the supporters of a losing English soccer team to chant, “We’re shit and we know we are.” This is not a habit I can see catching on in the US. When it comes to managing decline, self-abasement is optional.
From "America Must Manage Its Decline" by Gideon Rachman in the Financial Times (10/17/11).

Oct. 18, 2010 » . . . And That's No Joke!
Herman Cain now says his stated intention (if elected) of putting an electrified, wire-mesh fence, on the border with Mexico, was just meant to be a good-natured joke among friends at a campaign rally (remember when Prez Barry said Republicans wouldn't be happy until Texas had a long moat filled with alligators to better guard the border?). But the general lack of seriousness about our national borders seems to be the wider problem with our appallingly corrupt political class, Republicans & Democrats alike. Since 1965, both parties have considered policing the border to be a supreme joke, make no mistake about it. But not so with President Eisenhower : under his auspices, "Operation Wetback" was instituted and more than one million Mexican nationals, illegally residing within the borders of the United States, were summarily deported - - - and that's no joke!

Oct. 18, 2011 » WTF - - - Herman Cain Ahead of Romney in Iowa?!
The current occupant of the White House has many names so it is positively no sweat that Herman Cain sports just two : the name his mama gave him and NONE OF THE ABOVE!

October 17, 2011 » Obama : Not Ready?
The Lefty editor of the bankrupt NewsBeast has said that Obama was not ready in 2008 (and presumably he continues to be very tardy in his overall thought processes, whatever the calendar year). Three years on, it looks like he will never be "ready." Once a Marxist, always a Marxist. Used to be a Socialist, still a Socialist & proud of it! CLICK HERE.

Oct. 15, 2011 » Explanations for Obama 2008 (A Continuing Series).
In the interest of providing a public service, this web site will furnish, from time to time, explanations for the phenomenon of Barack Hussein Obama, circa 2008, and 53% of the popular vote:

October 15, 2011 » Just Paying Off His Peeps . . .
Some people, with half a brain, are outraged to learn that Barry will send about 100 armed US soldiers to Uganda to chase through the jungle a ragtag looters' gang, founded by the late Aunt Alice Kony who, while she was alive, used to channel bush spirits from dead trees as a full-time hobby. The US State Dept. calls these violent ragamuffins "The Lord's Resistance Army" but that's like calling your corner prostitute a "perfume saleswoman." Hey, look at it this way : as Barry moves closer to the White House exit door, he's using the "power of the presidency" to pay off his peeps in the Ugandan governing faction just when they need US military assistance & US foreign aid the most! It really might be a sign of good omen, when all is said & done! Let's just hope that it shall be well & truly done in earnest, come November of next year!

October 14, 2011 » Ha!, Ha! - - - (A Falling Out Among Thieves).
Yesterday, in the presence of a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, Jamie Dimon, Chief Executive Officer of JP Morgan Chase, made a pointed jest about persistent financial troubles at the New York Times. Today, the New York Times publishes a scathing editorial about dark Wall Street clouds concerning the declining revenue base at JP Morgan Chase. Can't Socialist billionaires learn to play nice and get along in the same sandbox and learn to share the same shovel? Perhaps they should learn how to kiss Obama's ass closer to the crack?

October 13, 2011 » The New York Times Just Got smaller.
The New York Times has announced it plans to dismiss about 20% of its newsroom staff (is Obama hiring?).

October 13, 2011 » Pizza, Pizza . . .
The reason that Herman Cain is leading Mitt Romney 27%-23% in this morning's Wall Street Journal phone poll is the same reason Barack Obama beat Hilary Clinton for the Dem. nomination in 2008. I don't have to draw you a diagram (something about the sudden appearance of the Brown Jesus & the Second Coming of Pig Ignorance). The facts and figures don't lie : when Herman Cain was Lord of the Manor at Godfather Pizza Incorporated, the company consistently lost money! 9 9 9 is a nonsense synonym for money loser, money loser, money loser . . . (at least Bain Capital turned a profit).

Oct. 12, 2011 » The Continuing Saga of Rick Perry & the $30,000 Hot Dog.

Rick Perry was his customary well-coiffed and thoroughly somnambulant self last night, during the presidential debate.  He was lifeless, but he was still registering the necessary human pulse; and in the political career of Rick Perry, that’s all that seems to matter!  He has been afforded a luxury that few of other candidates up on the debating stage can afford -- -- -- $17 million in his campaign kitty and that, friends, buys a lot of viability!  Here you have 17 million big reasons why Slick Rick has not already dropped out in shame and embarrassment.  His campaign keeps a lot of happy underlings in the chips! Who cares if Slick Rick is a walking political Zombie!

This brings to mind the New York City mayoral campaigns of Ed Koch, who won the job in 1977, 1981, and 1985.  A front-man for the corrupt Democrat machine, Koch managed to present an aura of incorruptibility by doing absolutely nothing while in office!  The actual day-to-day heavy lifting of managing the city was left entirely up to the corrupt political bosses behind the Mayor, and they robbed the municipal candy store down to the floorboards and then ripped up everything that was not nailed down and sold it for scrap in New Jersey. But during Koch’s last term, wave after wave of corruption scandal rocked the political clubhouses throughout the city, with Koch doing his best Sergeant Shultz imitation (I know nothing! I see nothing!).  One of the most amusing bits of corruption trivia to emerge from the debacle of the Koch Years of municipal maladministration was the $30,000 hotdog : it seems that a caterer for one of Koch’s campaign doos had billed the Reelect Ed Koch for Mayor committee $30,000 to provide, as part of a buffet of warm cold-cuts, an array of exotic hotdogs from the city’s five boroughs.  Of course the newspapers had to distort the facts by claiming that each hotdog was billed to the campaign at the rate of $30,000 apiece, when point of fact, it was the entire array of hotdogs that came in at clip of 30,000 smackeroos for the complete buffet! Koch insisted that this latter fiduciary statement of fact was the case ($30,000 for the finished array).  Lost in the argument, of course, was the absolute corruption that a $30,000 hotdog signified by either going solo or winding up in a group of friends.

$17 million?  Stay in the race Governor Perry, even if you turn into America’s most outrageous political clown! Oscar Mayer® needs you - - - and your flunkies might go hungry!

The Famous Weiner-Mobile.

October 11, 2011 » It Never Ends ( . . . for Rick Perry).
The crash & burn candidacy of Rick Perry just lumbers on. This morning's Wall Street Journal refutes the Texas Governor's claim that his "Texas Enterprise Fund" expenditure of $440 million has brought more than 59,000 new jobs into the state since he succeeded George W. Bush in office. For example : Gov. Perry reported to the legislature earlier this year that $35 million was given to Lexicon Pharmaceutical Incorporated, which in turn funneled some of the money through the Texas Institute for Genomic Medicine (at Texas A & M University) which employs only 10 people (Lexicon Inc. and its subsidiaries promised to hire at least 1,600 new workers with Gov. Perry's state grant but instead has since fired almost 400 old employees and appears to have transfered all the "new" positions overseas [where they can't be verified]). You know what they say! - - - under Slick Rick, Texas has become a "new" jobs machine . . . no doubt about it!